The Gorilla Sweater

I don’t know if anybody remembers, but I got some fuzzy yarn from my mom for christmas that I didn’t know what to do with. You all gave me some very good suggestions. I really wanted to knit something other than a sweater from it but after a few comments from my mom I realized that this is what she was hoping/expecting I would knit. Sigh.

So I started the “Howl & Cowl” sweater pattern from SnB - minus the dog sweater of course since I only have cats and I don’t think they’d ever forgive me if I tried to dress them. :teehee:

I then got a bit adventurous and just used the pattern as a general reference, knitting it in the round instead, then picking up stitches to work on the sleeves. I want to put bell sleeves on it.

I have the body and about 3/4 of a sleeve done and I am lovingly calling it my “gorilla sweater”. I know I’ll never wear it…isn’t it silly that I’m continuing?? I’ve considered knitting it up, modelling it once for my mom, then ripping it out and knitting something else with it (she’ll never know, she lives far away and I see her twice a year). Since I’m still a beginner, I can look at it as a “learning experience”. :teehee: Anyway, I found a good use for it already and thought I’d share:

Is anybody else knitting something that they are highly underwhelmed about?

Hey, if the kitty likes it, it can’t be bad! :slight_smile:

I’m knitting a shawl right now that I’m highly underwhelmed about- mostly because the yarn is crap. :slight_smile: I jumped into this knitting thing without looking first- and bought some cheap cotton yarn that it turns out is usually used for dishclothes! :pout: Oh well, I’ve been told by some of the wonderful knitters here that it will soften up with washing, so I’m persevering… but at this point I’m just waiting on some online yarn orders so I can start other projects! I have a feeling the shawl will be neglected once I get the other yarn… :slight_smile:

What don’t you like about?


Well…actually the yarn is really pretty…but it’s fuzzy, so it makes me look HUGE. I’m fairly slim, but the words “Michelin Man” popped into my head when I tried the body of the sweater on.

Abbily: I can relate! I bought some cheap-o “practise yarn” at the beginning…and I haven’t even looked at it.

Maybe the yarn just wants to be a different style sweater. I also have some mohair that I think has the potential make me look bulky. I have decided that I think it wants to be knit on larger needles for an airy effect.


I made this sweater with Noro and I used the wrong type. I think I used Kochoron instead of Kureyon. It is so mohairy, fuzzy, and heavy. It really is a GORILLA SWEATER. I wore it a couple of times, but I don’t really like it. It was a good learning experience, since it was my first sweater. But, the yarn was expensive!

Well, Jill, you may call it a Gorilla Sweater, but that’s one pretty Gorilla! :teehee: You did a great job and its lovely. Beautiful setting for your pix, too. Is that your backyard?? If so, what a lovely place to relax.

Your gorilla sweater looks alot prettier than mine! :hug: