The gauge is wrong

so do I go bigger needles or smaller?

Iā€™m aiming for 20 sts = 4" and 28 sts = 4" in double seed stitch on size 8 needles.

I have 26 sts = 4". I can never figure it out, do I use larger needles or smaller?

and I am new here, so HI! :slight_smile: and thank you !!!

You have too many sts per inch, you need larger needles to make the sts larger so you get less per inch. Try size 10s.

the size 10 needles worked just fine, thank you. It just seems wrong to use a needles so much bigger than the pattern calls for, but when I really think about it, it makes sense.


Knitters who knit tight often have to go up a couple sizes. I have fairly good gauge, I just prefer to make a little looser knit so nearly always use larger needles.