The Gas Station Stock Market Syndrome!

I have to laugh at myself! I’m driving up and down James Street all the time. I pass my favorite Chevron Station. I look to see the price of the gas. Hmmmm…$2.09! Hmmmm…should I buy now, or wait til the price drops! Hmmm…I think I’ll hold. My gas tank light has only been on for a day! I can hold off!

It’s like the cotton pickin’ stockmarket!

I am driving myself nuts! :eyes:

I think a lot of people are playing that game right now.

I love my recumbent bicycle :rofl:

yea, I M holding out for something less than 1.95 at this point
but my light is not on yet
but I know which town to be shopping in when it DOES


We hit $1.87 at the Hess station yesterday and I told my husband "I’m going to fill up when it hit’s $1.85.
It is just like the stock market! :roflhard:
It is nice to see it coming down for a change.

HOLY COW! Ours is $1.49! Anyone wanna move here?


Yeah, here, as of yesterday, gas was between $1.58 and $1.59! I need to buy some gas containers so I can stock up…:teehee:

We just hit $1.40.

When I lived in Michigan a few years ago it was the weirdest thing I ever saw. There were constant price wars and the prices would go down every day for about a week or so, then overnight jump up 10-15 cents, then go down every day and jump up again. THAT was like playing the stockmarket, trying to guess which day it was at the lowest price before it went up again.

$1.40??? :thud: Now I’m really going to wait!! :teehee: I’ll be driving on fumes waiting for it to go that low.

We drove from South Florida to the Panhandle on Friday and the cheapest gas we found was 1.89 and that was in Central Florida. It is still over 2.00 here in the Panhandle. DD called from Tenn yesterday and she has been paying 1.65. Yes it is really like the Stock Market! How Low can it Go! :roflhard:

In Wyoming we have no gas tax or it’s extremely low. That’s because the state taxes the energy producing companies (coal, natural gas, others) so we don’t have to pay. Sometimes Texas has lower prices than here, so your state might not get so low.

I usually gas up when my car is at 3/4 tank (just so it’s not so painful) and when I went to town and saw gas had dropped from $2.09 to $1.83 at Costco I decided to wait a few weeks and see how much lower it goes. I can still drive over 200 miles before I need gas and I generally only drive 40-50 miles a week which is one trip to town.

Good grief, I thought gas was cheap at $2.20… compared to you all i’m getting ripped off! Though I think in general gas is more here…

You’re in California, I think your state gas tax is a percentage instead of a flat rate (8 or 12 or 18 or 22 cents per gallon) so that tends to make your prices higher. Also Cal EPA regulations make prices higher to comply.

OOps!!! I misspoke. Just got back from the Piggly Wiggly and their gas is now $1.94. :passedout:

Aw man, no fair! It’s still 2.37 here! I heard on the radio the other day that the reason for that, according to a AAA spokesperson is because Western NY is on the last of the supply line, or something like that.

At it’s peak here last August (?) it was $4.69 so when it down to $3.50 I was thinking wow, gas is getting cheap again!! Wait…:noway: that’s still not cheap just better than it was!:doh: I think they plan it that way. :lol: Anyway, not sure what it is right now, but last time I looked it was $2.59.

And to add to history…when I was in HS I got my first car, a VW Bug, and it cost me $3 to fill the tank…at 30¢ a gallon. :zombie: That was back in about 1970.

I remember those days, I’m not sure we ever put in more than $2 worth.

Yesterday I got 7 gallons for $10; two months ago they cost $25. So yeah it’s really gone down. The price for crude oil was at a high of $140 per barrel in July, now it’s about $55.

The Chevron out by us had it for 1.60 and I pulled in real fast. Filled up my tank for less than 30 dollars. Haven’t been able to do that in a long time. I am actually going out and doing stuff on the weekends again now that I can afford the gas.

Not too much stuff though for fear of when it will go back up again.

I’m trying very hard not to envy you all – we are still over $3 a gallon here. The lowest I have seen is $3.17, but the average is $3.25. Hoping and praying it drops below $3 here soon!

I’m waiting for someone from across the pond to tell us all to just shut up. :teehee: It’s somewhere near $8 there now, I think. Maybe more.:thud:
I guess I should be thankful for my $1.87.