The Freedom Sweater


I am looking for a pattern from Jacqueline Olsen called:
"The Freedom Sweater"
I will be happy of course to reimburse any costs and such.

Thanks! Wies

Do you have a link so we can at least see what it looks like? I can’t find anything called Freedom Sweater is it called by anything else? And have you contacted the website to see if they can help you?

Sharing patterns is a copyright infringement or violation even if you did pay the person. It’s best to purchase the pattern yourself.

I’ve heard people have not had luck getting Jaqueline Olson patterns or information about them from Amazing Threads. I did a search and found a blogger who was doing/is doing/ attempted to do the Freedom Sweater. Maybe if you get a hold of her she can tell you where she got the pattern and where you may procure it as well:

I also found this book that includes Jacqueline Olson pattern(s), but I can’t find a table of content anywhere so I can’t tell you what the patterns are. Maybe you can find it at your local library.

Good luck!!

Click “view inside” and you can see the table of contents. :teehee: I don’t see that sweater listed though.

If you’re on Ravelry you can find patterns from the book in the Patterns tab. There isn’t one by the name Freedom sweater, though there is one by Jaqueline Olsen called the Lace Ribs Pullover.

I knew I could view the contents of some books on Amazon but I couldn’t for the life of me find that “view inside” link . . .:teehee: Thanks Jan!


I am still looking for the knitting pattern designed by Jacqueline Olsen called “The Freedom Sweater”. This is an unisex pattern, ribbed all the way trough, saddle shoulders and a mock turtle neck. It looks like a very comfortable sweater.

I will be happy to pay for any costs, like copying/shipping etc…

Thanks! Wies


This is the only Freedom Sweater I could find, but I don’t think it’s what you are looking for.

Are you a member of yet? I found her under Designers there. None of the designs shown were called Freedom Sweater, but one called Lacy Rib Sweater looks very much as you describe it. Ribbed throughout, saddle shoulders, mock turtle neck.

Doesn’t describe it as unisex and can’t tell how lacy the rib is but I guess you could un-lace it for a more manly look if you were making it for a man or just didn’t want it so lacy.

the pattern is in a book by Interweave Press - Knitter’s Stash: Favorite Patterns from America’s Yarn Shops.

I think you need to get ahold of this blogger: . She is on You need to join, but it is free. Once you do, her username is RubyLouise. I think that is the only way you’re going to find this. Note this from another thread here on KH, from almost 2 years ago: “Hello - I’m kinda new to this group - and notice there is a line of questions and answers about a Jacqueline Olsen pattern. Last answer was in March '08. I am dying to get hold of a copy of one of her patterns. Does anyone know how I can go about getting a copy - any simple/plain one would do. They are no longer available. I tried contacting Amazing Threads - she was a designer there - but they were no help. I even tried calling her - she promised she would send some patterns to me - but I never got them. Can anyone help?

If she couldn’t even get it from Olsen herself, then . . .

The knitting shop is Amazing Threads in Lake Katrine, NY.

Good luck!

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I have the pattern you’re looking for! It’s been in my, “to be knit” file and I just pulled it out as I want to make it this winter as a kick around the house sweater in a lovely tweed!

I just have a photo copy of it, so I’m happy to share. The only thing that’s missing – she doesn’t tell how much yarn to use! But, that aside; looks awesome. Knit from the neck down with saddle shoulders and square set in sleeves!


I would love to buy this pattern or original kit - does anyone have one for sale? Thank you so much!

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I couldn’t find the original links or the book containing the pattern. It seems to be similar to this Ann Budd pattern:
You might try your local library for it.

Glad you found it… I just found mine…forgot where I bought it… It came with yarn… in attempt many years ago… May unravel and attempt again