The Farmhouse Rug--The Questions Begin

Actually i think that my questions will be relatively minimal but i thought that of the magic scarf too.

okay here’s the chart…

my initial question is really the logic in the pattern…the border is stockinette…that doesn’t make sense to me…i am reading that right aren’t i?

the other question would be about the checkerboard pattern. my inclination is to strand it, is there a reason not to?

I think its a garter border…the dot says to purl on RS…which would mean knit on the wrong side…

Then, the first page talks about SEED st borders. :?? Would it be horrible to just pick your favorite border & use it? I dont see how the border st would affect the rest of the piece.

The pic HERE sure looks like garter to me.

HEY! Lets’ answer questions as ambivalently as we can for the rest of the day!! :oops:

The seed stitch is for the other rug on a previous page.

The farm rug has a garter border. When there is a dot, Kelly’s right, you knit on the back and purl on the front.

Since you’re using double worsted for the rug, if you strand the checkerboard and not the rest of the rug, it’s going to be noticeably thicker than the inside or the edge. That may not be a problem–personal choice. If you don’t mind that, then strand it–but be super careful to stretch out your right hand stitches to you dont pucker. if you want it to be as flat as the rest then you need to change the colors. It will be a pain, though.

I was thinking that I may not do the checkerboard border at all.

okay so i am frogging already…lol…thankfully i was only trying to get the first couple of rows cast on last night and didn’t go crazy getting it going.

so if i don’t want the checkerboard to be thicker, i have to have a whole bunch of little bobbin strands hanging down in the back? all right. my sanity was already in question so this should be a good test of it huh? :wink:

I wouldn’t bother with bobbins. Just leave a long strand hanging off the back and if they get tangled you can just pull out one at a time. For the sections up the sides, though, you might want to have a small ball of each color so you won’t have to attach new yarn too often.

You’ll have to attach a separate one for each color in the first row, but the first set will be easy since the yarn is there. And I bet that for the second row, you can probably just bring the white or black from the previous section up to the new section. It’ll leave a little strand, but I think it’ll be worth it. Just keep it loose.

okay i am near to losin’ my mind with the checkerboard. my goal is to get the checker board done before i quit for the night but right now i am near to throwin’ the whole thing…but it is close to bein’ done with the first row set,…

seriously…makin’ me nuts!

Intarsia with lots of color changes has a way of doing that. Hang in there, it’s only 10 rows, total–YOU CAN DO IT!!! :cheering: :cheering:

I can’t tell what the picture is, though.

that is somewhere around 22 “bobbins” of thread for each of the checkerboard squares…and i am one row away from having the first set done…i am ready to start the picture…lol

You’ll feel like you’re on easy street now!! :wink:

okay finally done with the checkerboard…but now i am confused. by y’alls estimations, what should be that first color row? the way i count it out, it looks like it should be a purl row but if it is, then there is no need for the dots where they are in the yellow section. the look to me is a knit, purl, purl, knit pattern to me but i think i am off count somewhere…that is definitely NOT a stockinette pattern in that spot so i am cornfussed i guess. is my knit, purl, purl, knit pattern correct?

The first color rows–the border–are 5 rows of knit–garter stitch.

When you look at a chart, basically what you’re seeing is what the pattern will look like on the front. If the boxes are empty, a knit appears on the front. If there is a dot, a purl appears on the front. So striped empty/dot rows are garter, all empty rows are stockinette.

:?? well i don’t think i understand because the colors at the top of the chart say knit RS and purl WS unless there is a dot then it says to purl the RS or am i just reading that wrong?

that’s why i think i am suppose to be doing knit purl purl in the first section after the checker board (in the yellow part not the rust part) otherwise the pattern doesn’t match the picture. any other way i figure it, it would bring about stockinette…which would make the rows with the dots in that section redundant.

sigh i have a feeling at some point i am just gonna start making it up!

I’m sorry, I was thinking that the first color was the border–I feel like I have to rush when I’m here at work.

All the way across, you knit the first row. Then in the second row, on the darker side, you have the pattern of k3, p3, as they appear on the front, so on the back you would p3, k3.

On the lighter side the first two rows are in st st, so knit the first row, purl the second row, and purl the third row.