The Elusive Gauge

When I started to knit; I knitted trying differnet types of needles and different sts again and again. I started with a pattern once I thought I mastered the sts, and I did that gauge with the pattern-called-for yarn and size needles again and again until I got that damn gauge.

The altering of yarn and needles confused the heck out of me and I just thought, “darnit, I would just rather get this gauge right.” That just seemed like what I was supposed to do. I thought if I didn’t knit to gauge I was doing something wrong.

Now I alter yarns, but I just go down or up a needle size depending on if the yarn is thinner or thicker. I don’t bother trying to count sts and do the math.

I have made several thgings since then and have always knitted the gauge.

I always got it and since then haven’t done this if I keep with the same needle and weight/gauge of the yarn

I was reading all these posts about not getting the gauge. . .and it occurred to me that I am just weird.


I guess I could have saved months if I knew the formula for counting sts when gauge isn’t met. I mean I spent months on just that gauge when I first started knitting and for my first pattern.

Anyone else here make gauge, or do most modify?

I’m another weird one maybe; I don’t like knitting as tight a gauge as most patterns are. When I started knitting 40 years ago, I had no one else to check in with, but learned that if I knit a pattern with a different needle size it wasn’t going to fit, so I learned to figure my sts/inch and decide if one of the other sizes would work. If not, I adjust the stitch number for what size I want it to be. I call it knitting by tape measure rather than knitting to gauge. And now, I don’t use a pattern so much except to give me general ideas for shaping.

Interesting. I just read so much when I started out about knitting that gauge and I guess I processed it to mean, the gauge should be met. I felt like if I couldn’t get it I shouldn’t continue.

40 years! No wonder you are such an expert. I just recently learned how to make a bobble. I can’t wait till I pick up a pattern and don’t have to learn something new due to knitting it.

Let’s just say I don’t plan to go near Fair-Isle anytime soon.

Gauges? We don’t need no steenkin gauges!

Right on, dude!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Most of the things I knit these days are quite easy. I don’t usually worry about gauge. I’m not doing sweaters or anything like that but I have learned, for myself, how to make something bigger or wider than it appears to be going.
Easy enough in crochet, eh?

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question. [/COLOR]

Everyone is different… I wouldn’t say weird. I have noticed lately that when I pick up yarn and needles - I’ve been looking at it and think I bet I’ll get so many stitches to the inch - when I swatch, I’ve been correct. I hate the swatch part, but to me it is my own guarentee that what I’m knitting will turn out to be the size I want.

You have to do what works for you. Keep on knitting.

My swatches never, ever match up with whatever I am knitting so I don’t even bother. I take a good guess at the gauge based on the yarn and the needle size and then start knitting. Once I’ve knit a decent sized bit of whatever I am making I’ll then measure to see if it’s close.

I know after 30 years of knitting that I need to go down at least 2 needle sizes to come close to gauge and then if I go down one size in the pattern I’ll get something that fits pretty well. Socks are the only thing I knit to pattern gauge on recommended size needle.