The Elongated stitch scarf

Ok…love the scarf…so much fun. But, somehow, as I am making it i am getting extra loops on the last stitch and it looks almost tangled. It is on every row but it alternates each side. How am I doing this and how do I prevent it. Also, the end loop is really really loose and gets worse as I go.

welcome to the world of the wonky elongated stitch. there are a few threads around dealing with this issue. here is probably the most helpful one. i think that in the end it is just part of the stitch but you might be able to lessen the effects of it.

i did mine on a super furry eyelash yarn (before they made me violent when i used them! :wink: ) and you couldn’t see that stitch. when i made it with a brushed alpaca you absolutely could and i ended up frogging! :frowning:

AH HA! LOL…ok gotcha…thought it was just me. I get frustrated at times being a newbie but, I am determined to master this knitting thing lol.

I had the same problem when I made that. I played with it a bit and tugged around at it… I tried not wrapping the last and first stitches as many times as the rest, not dropping that first stitch at all, tugging it all up into shape, etc. In the end, a gentle tug and pull on the stitches as you go is the only thing that seemed to work. And then I just weaved in that one extra long stitch at the end of the scarf when I was done. Once you wear it, it tends to stretch out and you can’t really tell so much. :slight_smile: