The easy, stretchy bind-off we've been waiting for--NEW VIDEO here on KH

Hey everyone,
I’ve added a video to our KnittingHelp video resource here on this site, and I want to bring it to your attention. This all-purpose bind-off technique is STRETCHY, springy, and so simple, it boggles the mind that we’ve not been binding off this way all along. Check it out: Lori’s Twisty Bind-Off

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Thank you, Amy!

I will have to try this technique…Thanks Amy

I have used this bind off on straight needles and I like it a lot. I just tried to use it on a child sweater knitted in the round, but how do you get it started since you need at least an inch of free space on the right needle. I noticed Lori used it on tubular socks but she starts it when she already has a lot of stitches bound off. Am I being daft?

It’s really a variation on a stitch over stitch bind off. All you need is one stitch on the right hand needle to begin. You should be able to work it in the round just as you did on straights.

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That is the problem. When you are knitting in the round and starting to
decrease you have a bunch of stitches on the right needle not just one and
you can’t twist that needle until you have enough space left between the
one stitch and the rest of them…

What you can do is knit (or purl) the first stitch onto another needle, a dpn if you have one. Bind off a few sts that way and then return to using the circulars or continue with the dpn in the right hand.

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