The Easter bunnies

I am going to try and make the Easter Bunnies (posted here:Happy Easter!) and I have 2 questions. I’ve never had any DK yarn. (had to look it up) So is that necessary to make them?
Also, it’s knit one, slip one stitch all the way. So when I turn around do I knit the slip stitch or go to the knit stitch to do the second row?

If not using DK what would be a good yarn for this? I am not planning to buy any more yarn since I have lots laying around.


You’ll be knitting a tube using double stockinette. When I do this I knit the stitches that look like knits and slip the ones that look like purls.

The pattern says thinner than dk wouldn’t be good, I’m guessing because it would be tiny. I think worsted weight should be fine. Just use smallish needles IMO to make a tighter gauge and hold the stuffing better. Or you could use some old nylons to go inside the knitting to hold the stuffing.

That was Soo helpful! I think I have some worsted weight, even though most of my yarns are bulky. I got some #3 needles for this but may end up using 4’'s.

I’m glad I could help. I’ve done a Parlor cat in worsted and in bulky and the size difference was … a lot. I want to make one in leftover fingering.

and I just saw this!

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Adorable! I’ve made a lot of this one that calls for worsted weight. At a glance, this looks easier!

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Beth that looks like the same bunny to me. Not sure about the cat, GG. Wonder if I do it with the Magic Loop? That’s the only way I know how to do a good decrease.

(That was my post :)) You can use any weight yarn and needle size you want that creates the fabric you like. It will just make bigger or smaller bunnies. I used worsted weight and US 3 needles because I’m a loose knitter and didn’t want the stuffing showing through.

What you’re doing to make the body is actually one method for double knitting. Try it! It’s super easy and fun. You won’t see that it’s actually open inside till you take the needles out. Alternatively you can just knit in the round normally if you want, too.

That is cute, but the body is more round like an egg. The ones I made puff up a bit with stuffing, but are a normal cast on. Mine stand up if the tail is in the right place whereas the egg ones likely won’t. :wink:

I do all my ITR work with magic loop. I even do center out starts using a long circ and magic loop - Emily Ocker style cast on. DPN for me translates roughly into pure evil. :grimacing: I can use them. I just prefer my needles leashed and easily retrieved.

I mostly followed the Beans the Cat pattern to make some kitties. One of them got a different color for the belly and I worked that part flat since I didn’t want to bother with intarsia ITR and used the opening at the back for stuffing before seaming. There’s always a way to make something work.

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I love Beans the Cat! I think I will see if I can remember the Magic Loop technique and try one. It’s just half your stitches on each end of the loop, right? So if it says cast on 10, you just do 5 on each end of the loop?

That’s pretty much it. I cast on half the stitches, pull the cable through and cast the other half onto the needle; that way they’re already divided and I’m less likely to end up with that dreaded twist.

Thanks, that’s a good instruction site. I’ve watched lots of videos and I have actually made a couple of things with the Magic Loop, so hopefully it will all come back to me.

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On the double stockinette in the picture above, how do you count your rows? Each V or each V times two?

I have no idea how you’d count actually. When I’ve done it I didn’t. If I needed to make things match I guess I’d count one V, one row.

Well, I could just wild guess it but it says 32 rows. I don’t anything but V’s to count.

I’ve been thinking. Double stockinette is k1, sl1 for each row. Each knit stitch then counts as two rows. Yes? No? Maybe? I have enough trouble counting rows/rounds anyhow. My poor brain is leaving for vacation now. :palm_tree::handbag: I just wish it would take me with it.

Pauline, this is for the Easter bunnies pattern? This is knit back and forth so you can use straight needles or whatever you want. You don’t need to work magic loop here. Also, it’s knit inside out so you’ll see bumps rather than Vs on the outside. The Vs are to the inside. If you have a problem counting bumps, I’d say knit until the bag looks long enough, measure the length for future reference and you can count the Vs once you turn it right-side out. You could also use a row counter to count rows if you prefer.
@Jan_in_CA has knit a bunch of these.

I followed the instructions on the short video in the second post from the top. I am knitting one, then slipping a purl stitch. Both sides look the same to me with V’s all the way. But in the picture it looks like it ends up a perfect square. Still not understanding the part about creating a pouch. But I knit on!

I want to go with GG’s brain. :airplane::tropical_drink:

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Sounds like you’re off to a good start. I’m thinking it will look like 16 rows of knitting but don’t take my word for it. Just do like salmonmac says and keep going to the size you want.

I decided to work to om this too. I found some dark purple yarn (Caron One Pound maybe) and cast on. After working an inch or so you should be able to pinch both sides of the knitting and pull it apart. The two sides won’t be connected unless you knit a stitch that should be slipped and slip a stitch that should be knit.

What will I do with my pouch I’m making? It might actually turn into a bunny. Maybe a kitty. Maybe a small bag. Or I might decide to frog it. Lots of animal options.
:rabbit: :cat: :frog:

If you’re knitting the one I posted you can’t see that it’s open inside till you remove the needles. I counted however I wanted and just made each one the same size. Just knit till it’s the size you want.