The Dreaded YO

I have a request of Amy and don’t know where I should post it so I’ll do it here and see if anyone else could use this:

Would you kindly make a video showing how to knit the second row of a project that has yarn overs in it? I am sincerely a bonehead and cannot figure this out. I think it would help to see it done by someone who knows what they’re doing. I have tried and tried until I’m ready to cry but I just do not understand the concept. I would deeply appreciate it.

Thank you.

All you do it treat it like any other stitch on the needle, and P or K it as the per the stitch pattern.

As above, if this is a single YO just treat it as any other stitich. If this is a double YO, one of mine said to knit the first and purl the second.

You see, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. :?? When you say “treat it the same as any other stitch”, does that mean when you’re coming back on that row that you try to pick up that stitch that is wrapped around the needle and knit or purl it? And then, how much of the stitch is dropped from the holding needle to the knitting needle once you’ve done the stitch? I’ve tried this and it just makes a mess. It would help to see someone do it. Do you have a link to another site that may show this?

I’m honestly not trying to be difficult, and I’m sure that once you’ve mastered it it’s totally easy, but I cannot wrap my head around this one (pardon the pun!):teehee:

If this is a single YO, then if you are purling the second row, just place your needle through the loop like the others.

If this is a double YO, purl the first part of the loop and slid it off, then the second part of the YO knit and slide off.

I looked but didn’t see videos, except ones showing how to actually make a YO.

I can (sort of) get the single YO, but it’s the slipping off bit and double YOs. OY!

So, you do a YO. Come back on next row - stick needle in the wrapped loop and purl (or knit) - then slide the stitch off. However, since it’s a YO the next stitch is kind of part of that wrapped stitch. Does that come off too? Or is the next stitch not really a stitch but just the piece of yarn draped over the needle, not really secured to it?

I know what you mean - I’ve looked for other videos too and can’t find any, that’s why I made the request.

LOL! You would knit or purl the stitch before the looped over one, then the same for the loop, then knit or purl the one after it too. It is an open holed increase.

Open Holed Increase? ACK!! Each word separately is completely understood, wildirish. My brain hurts, but I’ll give it a go again when I get home.

I understand. A yo, just leaves a “gap” after you do the next row. Like in lace patterns. If my camera would play nice I will try and make a small video, since I still can’t find any online LOL!

ok. let’s see if I can break this down. a YO is only a piece of yarn that is looped around the needle once. it’s an increase that leaves a hole. On the row after a YO, when you come to the yo, it will look like yarn draped over the needle. if you’re doing stockinette lace, you would just purl into the top of that loop and slide the loop off of the needle. for example, if you’re beginning a piece of stockinette lace, let’s say you cast on 10 stitches and on row one you K5, YO, K5. after completing row 1, you would have 11 stitches on the needle. on row 2, you would just purl each of the 11 stitches.

Hmm, I think you’re over-thinking the slipping off. A yo, when you come back to it, is just like any other stitch. Every stitch is made with the same yarn, so they will all be connected, but when you knit, you only slide one “loop” off the left (holding) needle at a time. Try to forget it’s a yo at all, because after you’ve created the stitch, is just like every other stitch on your left needle (really!).

However, my camera is working, and I might see if I can get a swatch together in a bit and take still pics for ya!

Try this link to see my quick yo swatch.

Oh, my god. This finally makes sense to me. I was getting lost in explanations, but Jax, that one makes total sense. Thanks!

AHAHA!!! You’re the greatest! Has anyone ever told you that? Well, all of you helpful foks are the greatest, but those pics were excellent, WMH. Thank you. I think I see how that goes. I guess I should start my practice swatch again. :hug: :heart:

You do understand that it purposely leaves a hole in your knitting, right? I figured that out by doing it accidentally a few times (okay a LOT of times) when I first started knitting! It’s an increase that leaves a “lacy” or “open” look, and the hole may be what you’re thinking is “messy.” It’s supposed to be that way.

No, I know it leaves a hole. I have a great pattern for an openwork bathing suit coverup which is real funky and I want to make it. It’s just so “openworked” that it’s difficult to keep track of. stitch, yo, stitch, yo, etc. I’m good at being patient and letting the pattern develop, but I don’t have any real experience at seeing someone knit a second row and show how, exactly, to knit the YOd stitch. Know what I mean? It would be helpful to see. But, WildMountainHoney really helped out with the pics.