The blue sweater for my customer

at last, it is finished!!!

Awesome sweater. :thumbsup: Nice cable definition, looks like it fits well.

Wow, awesome sweater! Of course, your work always looks amazingly professional, like ArtLady’s.

Fabuloso! Love it! :thumbsup:

Wow! That is amazing!

Wow, it’s beautiful! Lucky guy!

Oh my! What a gorgeous piece of artwork! Fabulous Lima!

What beautiful and creative knitting! Wow!

Great job :woot:

Now, YOU are an artist. That sweater is outstanding. WOW is all I can say!!!

wowza those are some serious cables. gorgeous work

very much!!!:muah:

I love the defined deep V at the front, it takes it from a lovely cable sweater to an amazing cable sweater!!!

Just beautiful!!!

Lima, that sweater just makes me laugh, it is so beyond out there awesome. It is so intricate and well thought out. You amaze us all.

Recently on Ravelry someone was looking for a pattern for toddler slippers and I wanted to tell them to look at your pattern for the ones you did for your son. But I don’t know how to navigate around your site. I found a page of yours but couldn’t get to anything else. Any advise about how to do it or is it private?

Wow:passedout: That sweater is amazing!!!

All of your stuff looks so great!!


Very awesome sweater! :thumbsup:

Hi MarigoldinWA

This is link for my blog

to turn pages-click on ‘‘older’’ on the left.

Thank you!:inlove: