The BETTER ssk

Hey there…

Just wondering, what is the best way to ssk?

I have been around the web block, and I have currently been using s1 knitwise, s1 purlwise and knit together…and it does give me something a little flatter than slipping both knitwise…

What is your suggestions??

I slip both knitwise; slipping the 2nd st purlwise actually twists it so it may not lie flatter. I thought the `improved’ ssk with the twist was to take up the bit of slack in the yarn so you don’t have a looser stitch. It’s really an individual preference and you don’t [B]have[/B] to do it one way or another - just what looks good to you.

substitute skp. For me, faster, easier,and much more convenient.

wow I just watched the video on the skp and I must say it seems much easier. is that going to give the same effect as ssk?



What is skp? I am guessing Slip knit purl…

slip, knit, pass slipped stitch over the knitted stitch.

Good question! Anyone? :slight_smile:

I like the slip one knitwise, slip one purlwise – I think it does lay flatter. However, I’m so habitated to slip both knitwise that I rarely remember to do it any other way.:shrug:

I use both. For example, I like “knitwise, purlwise” on sock heels but “knitwise, knitwise” on sock toes!

Both ssk and skp are left leaning decreases. Sometime the ssk is a little looser; slipping 1 and knitting the 2nd st seems to tighten it up a bit.

K2tog leans to the right and SSK and slip1k1psso both lean to the left. I have made a few raglan sweaters this year and I must say SSK and SKP have really aggravated me. K2tog always looks to perfect and tight and then you have these ugly loose SSK OR SKP stitches on the other side. I tend to use SSK more often, because in appearance it is the closest possible stitch to K2tog. I slip both stitches as if to knit (I hate the thought of twisting my stitches), but I have always preferred working the SKP decrease because it is so easy, I actually look forward to doing that decrease (ooh here come a skp… yippee). I DREAD making SSK (oh no, here comes a SSK, poor me) but I do it because usually it looks the most symmetrical. I guess shouldn’t dread it when I can do them both so quickly (it’s just one little stitch… c’mon) but I do.

I guess I’m a little dramatic when it comes to knitting. Every row is a little adventure, but that’s what makes it so fun.