The Art of Knitting DVD's

Yee ha! I just got a package in the mail today that I’m so excited about. The Art of Knitting DVD’s - number 1 and number 2. I got them BOTH for a total of 19 dollars, including shipping…on eBay of course. :cheering:

Now I have over 7 hours of knitting inspiration and instruction to watch while I knit! (I think I’ll be up knitting all night again. :XX: )

Oh yeah…don’t ya just love getting goodies in the mail?! :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

I love knitty gritty on diy. I tivo it and watch it at night or when my son is taking a nap while I’m knitting.

I wish I could get DIY at my house. We buy basic cable, so we only get about 15 channels. We used to have about 40 channels, but decided to save money by going to a lower package.

Even with the 45 channels we had before, DIY wasn’t included. I think we would have to go to the DELUXE package or something. Oh well…life goes on.

I’ll just stick with you guys in here. You’re more entertaining than DIY could ever get. :wink: