The 2009 New Year's KAL

The New Year’s KAL looked like SO much fun! Is anyone planning on doing another in the middle of the year?


I’m quite sure someone will be starting other KALs throughout the year. It’s just a matter of finding a project you are interested in doing with them.

Thanks. The New Year’s one, however, they made a 2009 coaster all night until midnight, and talked on the chat. I think this is a cool idea, and think that it would be cool if someone did it again (except not making a 2009 coaster!) What do you think?

Anyone is welcome to do a knit along in the chatroom, because the chatroom is open all the time.

Just plan a project that you all want to work on. (It’s easiest if it’s small), and set a time to get together.

Good luck!