Thanks to this site, knitting is surpassing crochet

Hi, all. I stumbled on this site after my next-door neighbor (who is also my landlady), a German immigrant, scoffed at my preference for crochet and told me there was an easier way to knit. A web search brought me here, and I’ve already learned much from the videos. However, I do have one problem: I can do the Continental caston thingy just fine. I try to keep my stitches rather loose (but not TOO loose), but I’m having major problems when I try to start a K2, P2 ribbing.

First off, I’ve never managed to get the hang of purl stitch. In more than 20 years of attempts, I fail every time. They look funny, twist to the front or back, and generally muck up the works. :??

Secondly, I don’t seem to be having much luck getting my needle into the cast stitches with the C. caston. I suppose I could use my old method, but I like the stretchiness and the look of the C. caston better.

Anyone out there with any advice? I realize that this whole Continental knitting thing is going to take some practice, and I’m okay with that - I won’t start the scarf for my husband until I’ve got some proficiency with this, but I’m getting frustrated. Not to mention that I’ve been ignoring the afghan on my crochet hook for the last two days while I peruse this website! :eyebrow:

Wow! This got long! Thanks for reading all of it, or most of it, or some of it, or whatever. . .

Hi! Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting and, of course, KH. Have you tried knitting on? (See the video under Basic Techniques for Casting On.) I do a cast on like that and have pretty good luck with it. As for purling, I think it is just a matter of practice. I guess you could always try the English method, but IMHO I wouldn’t. Lots of great knitters would, though, and swear by it.

Good luck!

It’s because of this site that I can knit anything other than a garter stitch. When I found this site last year I couldn’t even BO. Thanks to Amy’s wonderful videos I learned to BO and CO properly, P, YO, INC and DEC, etc. The only thing I haven’t learned is the Continental style, but I’m quite happy being an English knitter, I don’t know why but it’s just easier for me. I wish I could crochet but that’s on my list of things to do before I’m dragged kicking and screaming into my next weird existence.

Nadja xxx

Thanks for your help. I’ll try the knit-on. Maybe tomorrow when I wake up my purl will be beautiful and perfect. And then I’ll really wake up!

Nadja: Try this site - it shares some concept with this one, but it’s not nearly as wonderful: I don’t do Tunisian (or afghan) crochet yet, but I might have to start. It’s a weird half-breed. If you try it, I recommend at least a K-size hook to start, and a soft but not expensive yarn in a medium color (like blue, but not too dark - makes it hard to see the stitches) for “playing around”, as well as a single crochet stitch to start out with. Let me know if you give it a whirl.

Moderators: I promise that I’m not trying to convert anyone. Just sharing. . . :whistle:

We know the Power of the Knit! No threat here! :teehee:

What’s up with that anyway? LOL I no longer have idle hands - I’m always knitting something!