Thanks Shandeh!

… for the pattern for the fuzzy steering wheel cover from your site. I just got a new car and have been thinking about making a cover but didn’t know where to begin! You rock!!:woot:

You’re very welcome! :muah:

Have fun!

I change my cover about every 4 months, to go along with the season changes. I’ve even used red & green for the holiday season before! (I think I’ll use [U]all[/U] green this year, so it will look like a wreath.) :wink:

Shandeh that is Awesome! I want to make one, but I was wondering if it is going to take a full skein? I have some Huggable Hedgehog leftovers that are almost a full skein, but not quite. Did you use every last bit?

There are some skeins of eyelash yarn that are just the right size, but some of them don’t have enough. You’re short by about 2 inches with those skeins.

For example, I’ve used Lion Brand Fun Fur, and ran out too soon. But, Lion Brand Fun Fur [U]Stripes[/U] was just right.

So, most of the time, I use more than one color. Leftovers in my eyelash yarn stash are always fun to use. The inconsistency actually adds character and interest. :wink:

Geez! I made this a LONG time ago and had no clue it was the SAME Sandy as was famous here! I never did put it on the steering wheel and that car is gone now :frowning: I think it was too small anyway…



Sounds like it’s time to make another one!