Thanks Amy!

Woo! First post! :mrgreen:

lol…i was so cornfussed. i was use to just clicking on “help” after “general” and came in on what i THOUGHT was a thread from “general”…i said “self…what the … did you click on?”

:wink: :happydance:

This will help out that thread! Thanks Amy! Easier to navigate :slight_smile:


That’s been bugging me for so long.

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

:cheering: Thank you Amy

LOL…I had to take several glances before I figured it out. Senior citizens get more confused than others! :?? "I’m in the index…no wait, here is a General topic, no wait, I’m in the index… :?? "

This forum has been up -what?- a day or two and it already has quite a few threads! Amazing!

I guess we really have needed this! :slight_smile:

Thanks Amy! :thumbsup:

[size=2]Guess i should get a digital camera so i don’t feel left out… :shifty: heh![/size]