Thanks Amy

I just have to express my thanks for all of the great videos Amy has done on this site. Without them I would probably never have figured out some of this stuff.

Yesterday I took out some cotton yarn to wind it into a center pull ball. I had no idea how to go about it. After watching Amy’s video on the subject I had a nice center pull ball of blue cotton yarn in just a few minutes.

The videos here are a huge help to those of us struggling to learn knitting on our own and I for one really, really appreciate all of the time and effort Amy put into them to help those of us who are knitting challenged.

You said it, Mason!

All hail Amy! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

I have to agree with you 100%. Without this site, I would not be knitting! :muah:

where do you get amys videos

I, also, am so indebted to these video’s. I have learned so much from clicking on them and watching a question I had answered before my eyes.

Kudo’s… :cheering:

mrs.hre just click the tabs at the top of the page. Amy has dozens of instructional videos showing many techniques.

I agree completely. It was the only thing that could help me figure out how to turn a heel of a sock. Nothing beats learning in a visual way.

Thank you, Amy!!! :notworthy:

I second all of that! :wink:

I, also, learned to knit 100% from Amy’s videos. I didn’t know any knitters in real life who could teach me, so I was on my own. If it weren’t for Amy’s videos, I wouldn’t have ever been able to do it. Thanks Amy!! :hug:

Ditto here! Thanks so very much Amy! A great knitter, teacher, videographer, webmaster, etc., etc.! You are influencing a new generation of knitters and continuing on a cultural tradition in a modern way!

Oh, I completely agree! I’ve spent I don’t know how much time infront of my computer, knitting in hand watching and trying to follow along. WAY easier than trying to look at a picture and decipher what’s going on!

Even though I had been knitting for a few decades before I found this site, I still found Amy’s video’s invaluable!

I had never done kitchner, double knitting or a few other techniques and the video’s were wonderful for that.

In addition, while I say I taught my daughter to knit, a big portion of that “teaching” was saying… have you watched Amy’s video on that yet? :teehee:

Thanks Amy!

Mama Bear

I am a pretty advanced beginner, but there is still a lot of stuff in patterns that I don’t know (will I ever know everything?! :?? ) and having three children 5 and under, it is sometimes pretty hard to get to my lys to ask a question. But everytime I have checked here and my question has been answered by either one of the videos or one of the members of the board. You all are so great! Thanks a ton! :cheering: