Thank you note from Jeff

I sent all the replies from prays for Jeff and his buddies.They wanted me to thank all of you and to say it’s was nice to be able to read them.They thank you all for the support :hug: Brought their spirits up :happydance: They were glad to know everyone back home supports them :hug:
I just want to thank everyone again too :muah:

:cheering: I hope they are all home safe and sound soon… Prayers for them and their families… :hug:

Prayers, and hugs and kisses, too!!! Our men and women are VERY brave and unselfish to put their lives on the line for all of us–it really boggles my mind! I hope everybody can come home to be with their families soon, too.

That’s great that they can know that we all truly appreciate what they are doing for their country. :cheering: I’ll continue to keep Jeff and his friends in my prayers, and I hope they get home safe very soon! :hug:

Thanks for your hearfelt replies :muah: :hug: I will keep mailing messages as long as you all keep posting them.The guys really appreciate them :cheering:

Thank us? They’re the ones doing the hard work and risking their lives every day. I just wish there was more we could do for them. I knitted hats, donated old cell phones and sent phone cards but I just don’t feel like we as Americans are involved in this war. My parents always talked about what they did during WWII and the sacrifices that everyone made. With this war the only sacrifices that are being made are by families like yours. Thank you and thanks to your brave son and his comrades.

:muah:  :hug:  

Nadja xxx