Texas long horn pattern

my uncle wants a texas long horn blanket for christmas. i was thinking like a big orange blanket with white fringe, and a big white TEXAS with a long-horn below the texas.

does anyone have the pattern for a University of Texas long-horn? :??

You could just use this logo and the article at the following link to create a chart.


ah, why didn’t i think of that?
thank you, sir. :]

I couldn’t find one so I actually created my own pattern for one last week. I’m doing a dishcloth (or golf rag if it is too big). I’d be happy to send it to you, but not SURE that it is perfect as I’m still knitting it.

Now that I’m done, I wish I’d seen this link AND wish I had photoshop. LOL… Oh well, my husband gave me a thumbs up for the design so I’m happy with my hand-charted one.

i think i’m going to try to make my own, cus i dont have photoshop, and i realized using microsoft picture it! didnt work either lol.
how did you hand make your chart?

Made my the most cut and piece way there probably is, but since it was my first time/attempt… Well, I’m happy.

http://www.tata-tatao.to/knit/matrix/e-index.html is what I used to create my graph paper. I then used a pix of the longhorn logo and traced to the graph pattern and then marked it as closely as could to match the logo. I will gladly send you what I created later this evening/tomorrow morning if you would like to see it laid out? Unfortunately, I left it at home today as I brought a different project to work on during lunch.

Another source you might try… I used this as well (basically, I used several methods and then piecemealed them all together to get the result I wanted…I did mention I’m not experienced at this so obviously went about everything the LONG way?). www.microrevolt.org. Use the KnitPro on their site. It does a somewhat good job but I still had to adjust a lot of what it spit out cause it did all the shading and I still felt that the logo was “off” a bit.

As promised, I’ve attached a copy of the pattern I created for my Texas Longhorn dishcloth I’m making. In order to look “right” you have to have a min of 3 on the bottom of the longhorn. Odd numbers seemed to work better than even to get it started.

Anyway, I hope this helps you in your endeavors.

ah, thank you thank you so much! :cheering::cheering:

this’ll work amazingly. :]

i thought because i’m making a blanket, that the long-horn would have to be bigger, so i doubled it. and since i can’t make my own online, i used some graph paper i had and did it by hand: :passedout:

Actually, I did my pattern the EXACT same way and completely agree with your “exhausted” smiley. It was a bit daunting. However I was fearful that you wouldn’t be able to see it well if I took a pix so I put it on an excel spreadsheet that I’d adjusted columns/rows for so that you could see it.

I would recommend, since you are making it larger, expanding the horns a bit more. I couldn’t due to space constraints but I think 3 -5 more out on each side would be groovy. IMO.

Sorry I didn’t have one to the size you needed but glad you found it useful.

Be sure to post a pix when you are done! I’d LOVE to see the finished product.

oh my gosh, i didnt event think of using excel! dangit!! lol.
i’ll definately extend the horns a bit, but my mom was saying that the snout looked a little skinny. my brother actually said to shorten the horns because he’s a long horn fan too, but i didn’t think so. :shrug:

did you make the dishcloth the orange color? cus i’ve been searching for the orange yarn, but i can’t find it anywhere.

thanks for all the help though! and i’ll definately post a picture when i’m done. :happydance:

On regular graph paper the snout looked WAY too long to me, but when I did it on knitting graph paper (that I printed from computer via website) the same count looked “normal”. IMO, I would just go for it and if you get to a point where you think it is long enough, even if our “design” chart says to add more rows for the snout, forget about it and go on with the rest of the head.

I looked and looked for the burnt orange yarn as well. I wanted to make mine in 100% cotton for dishcloth and, to be honest, didn’t want to pay a bundle for just a little bit. I did find several “burnt orange” yarns out there (look under not only “burnt orange” but also “spiced orange”, pumpkin, sunset… these were some of the names I saw attached to colors that were appropriate for a UT Longhorn fan. BEWARE though, some pumpkins look ORANGE while others look “right”. Same with all the colors.

That long ramble said, I decided to do an ecru cotton dishcloth. I’m debating on doing a white longhorn OR taking a stab at trying to dye some of the cotton yard to a “burnt orange” color to use. Needless to say, my indecision is stalling my knitting… I’ll definitely keep you abreast of what I do/find.

Happy Knitting.

yeah, i wouldn’t shell out a crapload of cash for a bit of cotton either. i’m confused though- so what color are you doing the long horn in?

i went to a new LYS and found some worsted weight yarn that’s 75% acrylic and 25% wool. they had the long horn burnt orange color, but it looks kind of browner, but still works. i got cream-colored and the burnt orange. i found the perfect orange color by cascade, but i didnt think it’d be a good idea to make them a blanket that would felt if my aunt attempted to wash it. the yarn i found is soft though, so i think it’ll work, even if the colors aren’t exact.


I’m from TX; I know all about UT, lol.

Haha, I’m from TX, too…right outside of Austin…

I’m too chicken to make a UT blanket ("hey, the nose is too long…that orange isn’t “burnt” enough…etc.).

I think you guys are definitely on the right track…chart(s) look fantastic!


I found at my LYS, Red Heart brand in, of all things, “Carrot” to be right on for UT Longhorn burnt orange color. I’m in Austin and my husband is a huge Longhorn fan and he gave it an okay so… LOL.

As for what color(s) I’m making mine. Unfortunately the first on is nothing exciting. I’m doing an ecru dishcloth with a white longhorn. I think I’ll try dying some cotton yarn next to acheive that burnt orange color (yeah, right…like THIS is going to turn out… LOL) to do that next.

I’ll just be happy if the dang thing works. Ha.

Got behind on knitting this weekend due to yard work and sewing I had to do but I’ll keep yo posted on progress.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkgreen]I like the Red Heart Classic~ Copper for Longhorn orange…[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#006400]But I have used the Carrot and the Pumpkin cos’ they comes in the bigger skiens…[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for that one. I’ve yet to see Copper. I was just tickled to find Carrot. Thanks though, for the info on that color. I’ll DEFINITELY check it out.

dangit. i wish i had known about all these before i got my yarn. i just haddddd to make my mom take me soon, so i kind of just settled. :wall:

oh well, he lives in columbus [he was born in texas and lived there till he was 25] so i dont think he’ll have a whole bunch of longhorn fans yelling at him about the color. lol

Okay, so I am brand new to knitting…can anyone spell out a way for me to find a pattern for a blanket? I am from Austin and would LOVE to make blankets for friends and family for christmas:-)