Texas Knitters?

To all my fellow knitters,
Just a simple hello and question;
Where are all the Texas knitters? I don’t see any threads for Tx and was wondering if anyone in particular near the Austin area?

Hi, Cheryl and welcome to KH.

There are a few Texas knitters that frequent this site (self included). In fact, the following thread includes lots of Texas knitters, but I’m doubtful whether many of them are active on this forum much anymore: http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=66065

I used to live close to Austin (well, [I]in[/I] Austin, actually), but I’ve since moved out of that craziness and now I’m closer to Abilene.

Have you checked Ravelry to see if there are any knitting groups that meet in or around Austin? I’m sure there must be some, what with Austin being the artsy place that it is.

If you can’t find any knitting buddies nearby, you can, of course, hang out online here. Not quite as good as in person, but it’s still a very helpful, friendly site.

Hi Cheryl,

I’m a Texas knitter. I haven’t been around much or for very long. I’m in the Houston area, near Katy Tx.

Hi Cheryl,
Nice to meet u :woohoo:
I am a Texas Knitter:clink: I live in Copperas Cove / Lampasas. I’m close to Austin, about an hour or so away, depending how far into Austin u r… I haven’t been on much, but I am trying to slip in more… :knitting:

I recently moved to San Antonio :muah:

I am in Houston.

I am in Houston :waving:

I started a Houston, TX Knitters thread years ago, it’s hard to keep up, it’s such a huge city!

Yep, it’s turned into a megalopolous. I’m about 20 miles west of Houston, but work in the city several days a week. Knitting is an evening thing for me and my salvation from my very high stress job.

I am in Abilene, TX and I wonder if there are any active knitting/crocheting groups here. I am also active in a local prayer shawl ministry.

I am 30 miles south of Tyler Texas on Lake Palestine. I am Donna Potter

I’m brand new on this forum. Even tho the last post here has been a few months back, I thought I’d add that I live about 60 miles north of Abilene, TX at Lake Stamford.

I have no idea if there are any active knitting /crocheting groups left meeting there. There used to be a group of ladies who met on certain Tuesdays of the month, but it escapes me now which week it was. I was invited, but never made it to any meetings due to work.

There is a specialty yarn store called Yarnies that did have knitting group meets, but I’m not sure what days or any details. I just stumbled on the place one day & they were having a sock knitting meeting.

Would love to hear from more Texans with a ‘Roll Call’ of sorts. :mrgreen:

Thought I’d update my original post here on the question of “Any active knitting/crocheting groups” in Abilene, TX originally asked by tazknitter21.

Yes there is! I joined the Yarnies Yarn Shop’s “Knit & Sit” last month. They regularly meet every Thursday night from 5 to 8 pm. You can bring any kind of work you do that involves thread or yarn. I am the only one who loom knits while there, but even cross stitch/needlepoint and other handwork is welcomed.

Yarnies also has a “Thread Tasting” I think it is called the last Friday of each month. Not sure about the time on that one. Haven’t been off from work on the right night to attend that one.

And they have a “Sip & Stitch” at the Winery located in Abilene as well I believe once a month on a Tuesday night starting at 5:30 pm. I just went to that one last night and it was a lot of fun even tho I am not a fan of wine and merely tasted it.

If any of you live in & around the Abilene, TX area stop by & enjoy a sit down with us. Linda the lady who owns the shop is a super sweet & fun lady to be around! Just look the address up in the phone book or online. :slight_smile: