Terribly ugly FO

So I finished the diagonal baby blanket. I hate it. It’s the yarn! I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease and it’s stretchy to the point where the blanket looks almost shapeless. It took a lot longer than it should have because I decided I didn’t like the colors.

Think my niece will be getting a blanket for her dolls. (I hope she plays with dolls!)

Oh well!

I’m sorry, :hug:. Would it shrink up a little if you washed it in hot water? I haven’t used that yarn before, so I’m not sure, but maybe that would help with the whole stretchy shapeless thing.

I’m sorry. I wonder if that’s the same pattern I tried. It’s knit on the diagonal and just plain knit? If so I made that blanket once and I didn’t like it either and I used Pound of Love yarn.

I don’t mind the fact that it’s just k stitches, it’s just too stretchy…and the colors are rather hideous! :slight_smile: