Terribly amused by sheep

Today was a lazy, bad day at work. Not bad in itself, but a day in which I really, really wanted to be at home, in bed, in the jammies with a large mug of hot chocolate and my family.

Instead, our campus didn’t close and I am at work, knowing that I am going to be walking out into the snow/sleet in a few moments. YUCK!

So how did I retaliate? By not doing much of anything today. No one was in…so I am afraid I was a terrible employee and did a whole lot of nothing. I will make up for it by being the world’s best employee tomorrow!

Meanwhile…I downloaded some of those cute little sheep that run around your computer screen while you work. I love it when they get zapped by aliens, and I love it when one becomes a fireball and has to fly across the screen to the bathtub. But most especially, I love when they fall asleep and you take your cursor and “wake” them up…and they startle.

Okay. I am bored.:wink:

Oh god, I remember them! I first had them back in the early days of the Internet, I thought they were hilarious! Must go find him now…

And exactly where might one find these amusing little sheep that keep us occupied while we er, um, work? I, too, find myself watching the clock, dreaming of WIPs and UFOs, transplanting daisies, roses, daffodils inbetixed the customers, bookkeeping and phone answering… Terrible, but true, I’ll try to be a better “Gopher and Pencilpusher” tomorrow… :whistle:

I understand- most of my “bad days” are just bad because I would rather be at home in my sweats with a cup of tea and my knitting. I can handle actual bad days, but it’s worse when you just want to be at home.
Those sheep sound adorable- where did you find them?

i “work” from home, between phone calls, i clean , i knit , i read, take care of kids, watch the snow fall, and pray like crazy that its almost spring!

I found the sheep here:


Msoebel said: “Today was a lazy, bad day at work. Not bad in itself, but a day in which I really, really wanted to be at home, in bed, in the jammies with a large mug of hot chocolate and my family.”

                             * * * * * 

Wow - that must be one hell of a sized bed to get all your family in AND a cup of chocolate as well!

Mind you …I have heard everything’s big in the States.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Hubby told me this morning, at the shop, check our lotto numbers… okay, said that if he won the 260something million, he’d take it as an annuity…:yadda: :yadda: :yadda:

I told him if he won 1 million, he’d be looking for a new secretary! :out:

I gotta go to work in the morning :pout:


Our family is just dh, me and our 4 year old dd. No pets. We bought a queen size bed this year, and I have to tell you that I LOVE that thing. Dh and I slept in a full size bed for the first 9 1/2 years of our marriage…so the queen bed is like an island to us now. Dh’s feet don’t hang off the end of the bed anymore! :woot:

I just downloaded the sheep. I wonder if they will drive me crazy while I work?!

As Ricky Ricardo says, “Aye Yi Yi!” How did you survive the double bed? We had a queen for years and with the two pets it drove us nuts. We got a king last year and the pets still drove us nuts. Our kitty passed a month ago, but the darn dog, who is only 12 lbs thinks he absolutely must lay right up next to you or on you at all times. Drives me freaking mad, cause the fat lady has the dog on top of her pushing her clear to the edge of the bed and the skinny husband has 3/4 of the king bed all too himself. I shove the dog over, he sashays back over to me, so I shove again, etc. You would think he was a Newfoundland or something as hard as it is to push him over but I cannot get that pooch to either stay in the dang middle or scootch up next to the skinny guy. On top of that I am menopausal so I feel like a furnace all the time with a ball of hair making it worse! :roflhard: Top it off, he lays with his tush up and his head buried under the blankets and does the SBD’s! :teehee:

There was a lot of snuggling. It was great, for the most part. Dh is a BIG guy so he takes up some space (he’s 6’0" and weighs about 250 lbs). And dd is a sneaky bed hog who liked to climb in after we were very, very asleep. I would wake up to find my then two year old wedged in between us. She hates blankets, so I would wake up cold because she kicked them off!

We perfected the spoon position when I was pregnant with dd. It was either that, or dh would end up on the floor.:teehee:

hehehe i remember these guys. i love them