Terms Switched YO/YRN

Row 2 states:
k4, (yrn, p3, yo, k4, p1, k4)

Row 4 states:
k4, (yo, p7, yrn, k4, p1, k4)

MMario explained the 4 different kinds of yo and that made sense for Row 2…but now I’m confused that Row 4 does the opposite…this is a new pattern for me and I’m a new knitter…Thanks in advance for the help!

It’s because in R 4 you’re going from a purl to a knit. All you have to do there is carry the yarn (loosely) over the top of the needle to the back and knit the 4 sts.

Sue…what am I not seeing…the rows look exactly the same to me except that the yo and yrn are reversed.

Row 2: k4, (yrn, p3, yo, k4, p1, k4)
Row 4: k4, (yo, p7, yrn, k4, p1, k4)

They’re not quite the same, though it is odd that they’d reverse them. Just know that yrn is the same as a YO and that’s what you do on both rows. Could be just a typo.

It looks like the author may just use yo and yrn interchangeably.

I prefer to just call all four types “yarnover” and just work them however they fall.