Tension square help, what stitch?

Hello, I am relatively new knitter and on my second sweater (a successful first one!) but having trouble with the tension square.

The pattern is a 1967 Patrons Promise pattern and I have the suggested wool. The instructions for tension gauge say:
On 5 MM. kneedles, 17 sets and 24 rows to 10cm (patt).

I am assuming I knit this in the main pattern, the only trouble is the pattern is kind of lacey, with holes knitted in (if that makes sense), so I cant count the stitches properly because of all the holes!

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?


Hi from what i know if you do a tension square in stocking stitch and it equals the tension recommended, then it will be ok.

Even lace pushes and pulls back to “normal” tension.

I think this is right because even older people like me would have a much harder time adjusting tension for every stitch.

I have to adjust my tension but I change colours a lot but the original designer states that you have to be careful, I have never seen a lace pattern stating to be careful of your tension.

Correct me if I am wrong people

Sorry do you mean a Patons design?

If you do from 1967 it should be ok.

Patons produce yarn and their own patterns (I did 2 dinosaurs years ago in double yarn and double needle size and they worked out great) my niece used to love to ride them

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Cast on more than 17 stitches, some number that will give you multiples of the stitch pattern repeat. Knit in pattern for about 4 inches. Then I use long pins or thin double pointed needles to mark off 4 inches across the middle of the tension square. Follow those marks up to the needle and count the loops over the needle. It’ll give you a fairly good idea of the sts/4 inches.

As lace monitor mentioned, this isn’t an exact science. You’ll be close enough.