Tension problems

I have been knitting now for almost 2 weeks nonstop and I am still having tension problems. Is that normal for it to take that long to get the tension worked out? I have only been doing the knit stitch and the purl stitch.

In a word, yes:) .
Just keep at it and it’ll even out. The exact placement of the yarn when you hold it and the exact tension will affect it and once your hand and fingers get completely on top of it, you’ll become very even. I know this will get some arguments, but I believe Contintental knitting tends to produce more even gauge than thrown, especially when you’re a beginner.

I imagine it’s an individual thing but I think most knitters take a LOT more than two weeks to get acustomed to tension. You’re doing fine, no need to worry. :slight_smile: It’s just one of those things that takes practice, practice, practice and one day you’ll be knitting and notice how even your tension is. :slight_smile:
Mind you, I’ve been knitting for years and my bad habbit still is knitting too tightly! Lol
Just remember to be patient and although hard, try not to be too mindfull of being perfect, you’ll make more mistakes that way. Just relax and see what you are doing as enjoyable and I bet it will get a lot easier that way.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I know this will get some arguments, but I believe Contintental knitting tends to produce more even gauge than thrown, especially when you’re a beginner.

Not an argument, but it really depends on the individual knitter. Many continental knitters purl looser or tighter than they knit while a lot of english knitters have more even tension. It’s just a matter of working out different ways of holding the yarn, and that does take some time.

I am finishing up my third project now, well, fifth if you count the one I didn’t finish and the fact that I did 2 of another. My tension was always very even, right from the beginning, and that was because I am a tight knitter. It couldn’t go any tighter, so it had no choice but be even. Mind you, most of my stitches so far have been knit, very little purling (garter stitch, circular knitting). My current, almost finished project is knit in stockinette, back and forth (one row knit, the next row purl). I am using much larger needles than I have been for the other projects, and that seems to help me knit more loosely, though I am still up a few sizes from the pattern suggestion. It started out pretty even, but about 2/3 of the way through, if you look on the back, it seems I started doing one loose row and one tight row, as if either the knit rows are tighter than the purl rows or the other way around. I did read a suggestion yesterday, that if this is your problem, you could try using 2 different size needles.

I’ve only been knitting for about two months now, with 3 or four starts and stops over the last 2 years. :mrgreen: It really is just a practice and a time thing.

For me, it was a matter of finding a way to hold the yarn that worked for me, along with learning to relax when knitting. And lots of practice! One day, it literally just “clicked” and I looked at my knitting and was like “Wow! It’s so nice and even and looks good!” :woot: Especially when I hold it up against the first few dishcloths I knit when I was starting.

Just keep at it, you’ll get there!! :thumbsup:

Yes, I’d say everyone has a tension control problem at first. I had someone ask me about it on Ravelry so I put up a quick and not so great video on YouTube for her to see what I had explained. It helps to twist the yarn around a couple of your middle fingers to tense or untense as you need it. Here it is if you need it. I use different variations of winding it around my fingers, you may find other ways to address the tension control issue, just don’t give up. :wink:

Thanks everyone for your help and encouragement. I think one of the problems is that I am working with unforgiving cotton. I have switched to acrylic and things are going much better. I will keep at it.

Ohhhhhhh! Cotton! Yes, that’s a good bit of your problem. As you said, it’s “unforgiving” and much harder to work with and keep an even tension. I never have a problem with even stitches with anything else, but with cotton?-- I always get some giant loops in there.