Tension issues

I think the problem I’m having is with tension, but it could be that I just need more practice. Here’s my issue: trying to knit a purl row – it’s so hard to get the needle it. I don’t have this problem knitting a knit row; only knitting a purl row. Can someone offer advice? Thanks!!

Marilyn :wink:

Watch the videos and make sure that you are doing your knit stitch properly. There is the chance that you could be knitting into the back loop and twisting the stitch and making it tighter on the purl row.

It could also just be a tension issue. That comes with practice and how you are holding your yarn. If I need less tension I just weave the yarn between my fingers instead of doing any wrapping around fingers…that might help.

Yep, more than likely you’re pulling your knit stitches too tight and just need practice to loosen it up. However it’s always good to check and make sure you’re doing the stitches properly.

If you wrap the purls ‘backwards’ (which isn’t necessarily wrong, just different) and try to knit them into the front loop they’re going to be tight and twisted. No matter how you wrap the purls, knit into the leg closest to the tip of the needle on the next row, they’ll come out untwisted and maybe easier to work into.

Another thing you can do is to carefully slide the stitches (without them falling off) so they’re resting on the tapered part of the tip of the needle. This will give you a little wiggle room.

That was it! I viewed a video and realized I was pulling/stretching the yarn too much. I’ve been practicing and now it’s much easier for me. Thanks!