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As I posted in my intro, I am Tena, grandma to 3, wife for 32 years, mom forever…… I have been crocheting for 40+ years; I have tried to kit a few times unsuccessfully. I have managed to make two knitted dishcloths so far. I really want to learn to knit. I can cast on and knit so far. I am a shawl addict; I see such beautiful patterns I want to try. (not that crochet doesn’t have great shawl patterns and I have made many) I just want to learn to knit also. I guess I am a multi craft kind of person.
I have asked my family for knitting lessons at our LYS for my 55th birthday, so I hope it happens.
Well here we go…… what should I start with?

Hi Tena! Didn’t see your other post yet, but welcome!

I’m 57, been married for 35 yrs with 3 grown daughters, no grandkids. Yet. :wink: Been knitting since October 2005 so I learned late in life after I crocheted for years, too. :thumbsup:

Last night I started a diagonal dishcloth patterns, triangular shawl.
I got about 4 inches done before becoming sleepy. So far no dropped stitches 
Now to get up the nerve to purl.

Good for you! I’m not into shawls since I never wear them, but some of them are gorgeous. :thumbsup:

Purling isn’t difficult. We have a video here and you can also look at still photos at this link if it helps. I don’t know if you knit english or continental so it’s the main link.

You know, you could knit a super easy shawl, I have to pattern and it is great for beginners! I have been knitting since I was 8 ( I am 12 1/2 right now).

Beginners Shawl
#13 needles, 4 skeins of yarn
Cast on 60 stitches
Then knit until the shawl extends from finger tip to finger tip when placed over shoulders.

It is a very simple pattern you can do or you can purl or stockinette stitch. You can find stockinette stitch in Free videos in the section Tips, Stitches, and More.