Tell me patience is a virtue.. because

I Really want my circs that I ordered from Jeff almost two weeks ago. I bought 15’s so that I can finish my baby afghan and I could really use them.

Are they really as bad as they seem? I have emailed several times, (Never could get a response to provide discounted shipping) and I just don’t get any response at all. Just frustrates the you know what out of me.

OK… Rant over

You know, there must be something up with him right now because I’m waiting too, and I have never had to wait this long. I’ve always gotten them within 7 days. I just keep reminding myself how much I would have paid if I bought them in a store… :wink:

definitely have been hearing this more lately and i have never had any problems getting them within a week either. :??

I’ve ordered over 20 addi’s from Jeff & have had to wait for a bit over 2 weeks only once & that was during the holidays, have several on the way now…I wonder what’s up :?? Not at all like normal… :thinking:

This is disappointing because I was going to get my next Addis from him. Will you all post back and give us an update when you finally get your needles?

I’m wondering maybe word has gotten out about him and he’s overwhelmed with orders.

well something has certainly changed it would seem because he has had a jump in negatives though they are from only 6 people. And some of them looked like they were mad because they didn’t arrive fast from HK. granted i am impatient and would be pacing in front of my mailbox if they took longer than a week but it DOES say “normally” 7-10 business days. And one says his auction is deceptive because they actually ship from HK not UK (which until a few years ago actually owned HK of course) and it does say they are shipping from HK in the text on the one i am looking at right now.

i don’t know…just seems unusual for him i guess. :verysad:

I guess what my biggest pet peeve is the lack of any type of communication. He sure is quick to take the money, but forget about getting any response to any messages or emails.

If there’s been a problem or slow down because of increased orders, then I understand, but heck, have the decency to at least respond to the inquires made by the buyers in a timely basis.

If, and when, I get my addi’s, I probably won’t buy from him again. I can find other places to get them or just pay full price at the LYS.

sweet thang…I had a similar issues when I ordered mine and it took almost two weeks to get mine and several days to get him to communicate with me (and even then it was minimal and I didn’t get my question answered). All in all, I’m not sure I’d order from him again…mostly b/c I’m impatient and b/c when I want something, I wanted it yesterday, kwim? Let us know when you get them…I hate it b/c so many people use him…it’s nice to know there is a cheaper way to get them if you need to, you know?

I just ordered several pairs from a different eBay seller…I’ll let y’all know how it goes. :smiley:

yah… I know how you feel. I am so excited that I have learned how to knit, and found out how much I like my small addi’s, that I would do anything for the larger ones. I have no problem paying full price for them, but I love a bargin. If they are the real deal, then I will save the $$$ so I can use the other on yarn.

I will have to start emailing him constantly if I don’t have them in my box by wednesday. that’s exactly two weeks since I sent the payment.

anyone have a good address for him? I have messaged him via ebay and then the gmail address.


Wow, I was going to order a couple from him in the next few days…this is most distressing!


Well, per my DH, who had to go to the Post office to Sign for the package, my needles are in; FINALLY

Took me four emails to get a response. Jeff said he was in the hospital; whether that was true or not, I don’t know. Just disappoints me that it took four emails to get an answer.

Well, at least I get to use my new needles and finish my baby blanket!!

I actually have been e-mailing him after reading this thread and he has answered me very quickly. He told me the same thing. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t expect most would believe that anyway. shrug

Mine came on Tuesday :thumbsup:

Poor Jeff! :frowning:

Glad the needles are in! :thumbsup:

Now I can place my order and not feel fearful. Of the dh, yes, of Jeff’s not sending the needles, no :wink:

I dunno who this Jeff y’all are on about is… but as a long time user of Ebay (5 years) and a major international purchaser, after several really poor sellers, I started to change the way I do business on Ebay.

A small tip (please forgive me if I’m teaching grandma to suck eggs), what I now do is this. If the seller is shipping from abroad (it usually says so in the auction text) I always mail the seller after the auction is over. I won’t make the payment until I have heard from them in response and I tell them that I won’t pay until I have full combined postage / shipping details.

If they don’t reply quickly they don’t get their money quickly. I’ve only ever once had one seller leave malicious feedback for me - this was because I left them bad feedback. They had misrepresented what they had sold majorly, and after two weeks of fighting to get a refund (and a call from my local police station to her) she finally refunded.

Wait until they invoice you, or better yet use the “request total from seller” option before you pay.

okay seriously…i have had to compose myself from the giggling after

please forgive me if I’m teaching grandma to suck eggs
because i have never heard that before and can’t help but picture my poor deceased grammas sucking eggs now!

but That is essentially what I always do. The only time I have ever had what I consider semi-bad service (aka-slow) is when I have paid without waiting for contact. Ebay has made it super easy for sellers to contact buyers now without actually much work but i still feel better after I hear from them. And I can’t expect them to combine my shipping if i don’t tell them I have made multiple purchases…if i don’t, that is my fault. I have never had anything remotely resembling bad service from him and the two e-mails i sent him just to make sure everything was okay, were both answered within 24 hours…and i wasn’t even giving him money! :wink:

I got 2 set about a week ago. The one set , the ends looked like they were chewed on, and the metal shaft of the needle had bumps on it. I emailed to see if they would replace them and haven’t gotten a reply yet.

I ordered my first Addis from Jeff about 3 weeks ago. It took about 2 weeks for them to get to me. One of the tips had a dent in it, so I emailed to let him know. He emailed back saying he would send a replacement. Hopefully they will be here soon.