Tell me about Qiviutt

I am very curious about this type of yarn. I told my hubby about it and he said it’s “for rich people”. Have you knitted anything with it? 8 times warmer? Does it mean that I can wear 1 of those in equvalent to 8 layers of merino wool sweaters? I like being warm in the winter but I hate wearing a lot. Maybe if I can wear one qiviutt sweater I can avoid a bulky coat?

I edited this post so everyone can answer my questions if they want.

It is expensive, but the stuff about the warmth and durability is true. This is a pretty good link describing it’s qualities.

When a bunch of us got together at Stitches Midwest this last summer, there was a booth set up with Quiviut… I, personally, wasn’t impressed with the softness of the yarn, especially for the price! I think many of us agreed that alpaca was softer and MUCh less expensive… And alpaca is very very VERY warm. Anyway, I’d be afraid to WEAR quiviut for fear of stains, snags, etc on such an expensive fiber.

I don’t know about other weights, but last year at my LYS, there was a teeny little ball of laceweight qiviut for $70. :shock:

That’s pretty standard pricing.

I have mine discounted a lot, but it’s still $$$ at 50 for 1 oz.

For that type of pricing, I think it’d be nice for a gift idea. Maybe someday I’ll get some and knit my mother a scarf.