Telephone conversation between my husband and my lys

husband: hello?
lys owner: hi, is jennifer there?
hubby: no, she’s at work, can i take a message?
lys: yes, this is ____ at the yarn store, can you let her know her special order is in?
hubby: wow, i didn’t know she was special ordering things now…
lys: oh, isn’t your wife jennifer, who dyes?
hubby: ummm…uh, well, i guess she’s going to die someday…but i don’t like to think about that…
lys: (realizing she called the wrong person) oh dear, i think we have a mix-up. you’re not married to jennifer, who dyes her own yarn, are you?
hubby: no, she doesn’t dye yarn, but she sure does buy a lot of it!

yes, this really happened. my husband is still confused, and i think my lys owner almost laughed until she wet her pants. i am forever known now as “jennifer-who-doesn’t-dye”.

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:teehee: That’s funny, thanks for sharing!:teehee:

:roflhard: :chair:Too funny!

:roflhard: :notworthy: PRICELESS :notworthy: :roflhard:

LOL, that was so sweet of him sharing with your lyso that he hated to think of you dying:heart: :teehee: Bless his heart, he had to be some kind of confused:roflhard::rofl: too funny:chair:

:roflhard: so funny!

This is just too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

Oh so funny :slight_smile:



Thanks for sharing. Laughter is the best medicine.

My hubby knows how to knit, so I can’t quite see him becoming so confused by a phone call from a yarn store.


:roflhard::rofl::roflhard::rofl::roflhard: Bless his heart! I would have loved to see the look on his face when she asked if you die/dye.:slight_smile:

Teehee! This story made my day, thanks!!!

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I can’t stop giggling about it!

That’s great!:roflhard:

TOTALLY cracked me up! Thanks for sharing that one! :roflhard::roflhard:


I could just see my husband… And he’d be making a comment about the need for special orders…

:slight_smile: Thanks!

that was cute! though my dh probably would have said “well, shes still breathing, but with all the yarn she’s been buying, i see her [U]die[/U]ing real soon.” :rofl:


OMG that’s totally priceless!!

Thanks for the giggle. Loved it!!! :roflhard:

I am laughting so hard, that my DS (18) had to come see what was so funny. I told him is a yarn funny… if you want to read it go ahead, He even laugh. and thought it was weird that we have our own acronym for Local yarn store.:wink:

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: Oh, that is too priceless!

See, that’s why I come here - I can almost always get a laugh!