Telemark Yarn

A couple people asked me my opinion of Telemark after I posted that I’m making the Lusekofte sweater kitout of it…

I’ve only knitted a little bit so far, but I really like it. It isn’t very soft in the skein but it is nice to knit with and the fabric is looking good. It isn’t splitty (and I found Cascade 220 to be a little splitty). The gauge didn’t change after washing and blocking. Overall it is a nice wool if you like wool. If you are super worried about itchiness I’d test out one skein before getting a bunch of it.

My plan is to eventually knit Sapporo, and based on how I like the Telemark so far, I think I’ve decided to give Knitpicks’ Palette a try instead of the Daletta called for in the pattern. Daletta is a little hard to find, over twice as expensive, and doesn’t come in nearly as many colors.

Thanks for the info. Keep us posted with updates on the Lusekofte!

Thanks for the info–I just may have to get that pattern. Oh, who am I kidding. . . . . :rofl:


Keep us posted! Oh my, I do love the Lusekofte sweater!
It will be wonderful for you, and your location! How appropriate!