Teenie Hip in Hemp?

I would love to make this skirt for my neice:Hip In Hemp from Knitty.

Thing is, the smallest size is 8 and she’s all of two years old (almost…give her a few weeks and she will be).

First off, the pattern may be a bit overwhelming so I would change the stripes to thinner ones (maybe 2 rows instead of 4). Then change the way it is put on and flip the casing around so a ribbon or drawstring can be used instead of elastic so that there’s more room for growth.

But I’m not really getting how I can resize it that much. I can’t tell where the repeats are, so I can’t tell how many stitches to one pattern repeat. Is it 17 like this part of the pattern mentions:

[B]Set-up Round[/B]: Using US #5/3.75mm needle, [k17, place marker] to end. Including end-of-round marker, 9[10, 10, 11, 13, 15] markers in place.

Also, would a regular hemp yarn work as a substitute? I was thinking of trying Elann’s Canapone but maybe it will be too rough for a little one?

I can’t help but just wanted to add my voice to those
wanting know! I wanted to make this for my 2 yr old
dd but just couldn’t work out how to make it smaller
and keep the pattern straight…someone out there
must know! :slight_smile:

Yes, the pattern repeat is 17 sts, so you can CO a multiple of 17 to make it fit around her li’l butt loosely. You wouldn’t need to put the `N’ stitches in between the pattern repeats, and would probably only need to do one or two increase rows (those are rows A and C). I’m using the pattern for a top I’m making.

Thanks Suzeeq! Since the skirt would be really small compared to the original pattern, I’m going to see if I can spring for the Hempathy anyway. It’s cheap on Ebay from Yarnbow :slight_smile: