Teddy Bears

I have wanted to pick up two knitting books on Teddy Bears. The titles are Beautiful Bears: Handknitted Bears for Special Occasions, and The Knitted Teddy Bear. Has anyone picked them up? What is your opinion on them? Please let me know.

Happy Knitting, Beverly

I just purchased The Knitted Teddy Bear about a week ago. I’ve yet to actually knit any bears from it, but it seems like a winner at first glance. The book also includes some clothing patterns for the bears too! :slight_smile: They don’t require a lot of yarn and they are all fairly small bears, so I think they can be made in a short amount of time.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I ALWAYS check out amazon.com before I buy any book, whether or not I intend to order from their site. I think the customer reviews are really helpful, and you hear opinions from many people who have used the book, and possibly why it did or didn’t work for them.

I totally agree! I checked out the amazon review. There’s actually only one review posted; it’s a 5 star review. In addition to checking out the consumer reviews on amazon, I also jot down the ISBN and go to Barnes & Nobles to examine that book with my own two eyes. :wink: I hardly ever actually order books from Amazon or buy them from Barnes&Nobles. Barnes & Nobles retail is never cheap and BN.com and Amazon.com match the retail prices once you roll in shipping & handling. So internet discounts only work if you meet the free s&h requirements. :frowning: So I just use them for the research phase and then buy the book from a small “mom & pop” bookstore down the street. They give discounts just from ordering from them … it’s a standard 20% off and you never even have to worry about any s&h … even on so called “special orders” :smiley: