Teddy Bear Help

I am relatively new to knitting, and knitting my first teddy bear. Increases at the end of each row and stocking stitch to 19 stitches. Row 6 - P. Row 7 - (Inc 1, K2), to last st, In 1 (26 sts).

I have no idea what is meant by “(Inc 1, K2)”. I have tried just increasing 1 and then knitting 2 along the row, but end up with far more than 26 sts. Obviously the brackets have a purpose, but I don’t know what. Can anyone please help? Thanks, Joy.

The brackets indicate that you need to repeat those instructions for however many times indicated outside the brackets, e.g. 3 times, or across the row to the end.

How are you doing the increase?
If you are increasing with a m1 this produces a stitch from nowhere (well, between the stitches) and doesn’t take up a stitch by doing it. This means you would increase before every 2 stitches making something like 9 increases, plus the last one at end of row making maybe 10 increases - too many.

If you are doing the increase by knitting into front and back of the stitch this makes 2 stitches out of one. For each increase one of the 19 stitches you started with is used up. This means every 3 stitches produces the one additional stitch. An increase of 6 stitches across 18 stitches and then the last increase at end of row making total 7 increases - which is the correct number.

I have not knitted many things but I’ve realised some patterns tell you how to increase and some don’t and leave it up to the knitter to work out. Maybe you chose the wrong inc?

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Hello Joyful, shintoga is correct there is often a number outside the ( ). My translation is Row 7 - (Inc 1 by working twice into this stitch, then Knit the next 2stitches), repeat to the last st, Inc 1 in the last stitch (26 sts).

Thank you!