Teazel front band

I’m getting ready to start the so call front band of the teazel swing sweater and am confused by the instructions: I get that I start at the right hem to pick up 76 stitches, but then I am picking up 43 stitches in the original cast on which was the neck and then 76 stitches in left front end with 195 stitches/am I starting at right hem, going up right side front of cardigan (2 it’s every 3 row) then picking up 43 stitches (how many per how many?) then picking up 76 ( 2sts every 3 rows) down the left front of cardigan?

That’s a really stunning cardigan.
If you’re picking up sts on the cast on at the back of the neck, it’s usually one for one. Pick up one stitch in every cast on stitch (or in the first row after the cast on). How many sts were in the cast on?

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there are 43 cast on stitches

Salmonmac, There were 43 cast on stitches

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Ok, then pick up one stitch for each column of the cast on. That’s a very common ratio for pick ups across a cast on or cast off knit piece. I’m so happy to see this sweater which is such a pretty design which I’ve, yes, added to my favorites.


so my assumption that I start at the bottom right hem, work my way up the right front, across the neckline and down the left is correct then?

apologies for being such a nudge: I have already made multiple errors on this lovely sweater (and kept them - it’s not perfect and neither am I) so I would like the band to be a project saver.

Thank you for coming to my rescue once again!


Yes, that’s it. Up from the bottom right hem (right side as you wear the sweater), across the back neck then down the left to the hem.
I’m sure this is going to be beautiful.