Teacup panties anyone?

i made this for someone. the pic does not do my dye work justice so i have included a picture of the yarn i dyed to make this along with the FO!

You dyed the yarn yourself? :shock:

How on earth do you do that? :??

I’m impressed!

Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that! I like how it has a place for you to take a sip.

“teacup panties” :roflhard:

VERY cute, Carmell!

Yeah Kelly, I had the same response. No way I was gonna pass this one up.

Then I see a little girl holding some hand-dyed wool… :shock: “OMG, she’s not gonna make 'em out of WOOL is she? Poor kid!”

What a great idea, it’s really cute.

Too cute! Those colors are beautiful!

:heart: :heart: your dyeing!!! Teacup panties…too cute :wink:

Teacup panties is for sure the best title on this forum so far. :roflhard:
I love the dye job on that wool, too.

Teacup panties :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

thanks all! i wish i would have thought of the name myself but i got the pattern from Spintale…or something like that.
dyeing yarn is easy and fun…everyone should try it at least once!


“teacup panties” :shock: :roflhard:

Oh I’m so naughty today… I was waiting for something outrageous to appear in that picture. oh dear what was I thinking?


Great job on that koolbreeze!

What did you use to dye the yarn?