Teaching Myself Crochet Basics Again

I’ve been re-learning crochet now for the past year and a half, and have made quite a few things since then. You can see my Crochet photoset here: Shandeh’s Crochet Photos

Last week, my hubby and I were at the library, and I found a copy of Coats & Clarks “Crochet Made Easy”.

I decided to check it out, and re-teach myself the basics. I’m glad I did, because I have been confused about starting and ending each of my rows correctly. After going through the lessons on the CD with yarn and hook in hand, I feel MUCH better. I even learned some new stitches! (DTC & TTC)

After a while, I realized that I would forget some of the guidelines I learned for beginning and ending rows, so I made a little spreadsheet to help me remember it all later on. This chart shows how many chains you need to get 11 stitches per row, using different crochet stitches (SC, HDC, DC, TC, DTC, TTC).

Maybe this will help some other beginners like me. :slight_smile:

[COLOR=“Navy”]Sandy, excellent idea for the chart. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I do see a need for a minor correction to the chain column for HDC and taller sts. The count should be equal to the turning chain count plus the 11 sts per row. For HDC you need to chain 13 since you work in the 3rd chain from hook (skip two for turning chain) you will need 11 + 2 = 13 sts in foundation chain for HDC first row. Similarly increasing for larger sts: DC 14, TC 15, DTC 16, etc.

Jack, I’m leaving the chart as it is, because this is the way it is taught on the CD I used for my lessons.

When I do a row of HDC with a cast on of 12 stitches, it works out perfectly to 11 stitches. When I’m doing the first stitch, after skipping the first 2 chains, I’m actually working my 2nd stitch, because I count the skipped chains as the first stitch. I just have to be careful about how I’m counting those 1st two chains.

So, here’s how the first row of HDC counts, after chaining 12 stitches (remembering that I do NOT count the beginning slip stitch as a chain):

Stitch 1 (skipped chains)
Stitch 2 (in 3rd chain)
Stitch 3 (in 4th chain)
Stitch 4 (in 5th chain)
Stitch 5 (in 6th chain)
Stitch 6 (in 7th chain)
Stitch 7 (in 8th chain)
Stitch 8 (in 9th chain)
Stitch 9 (in 10th chain)
Stitch 10 (in 11th chain)
Stitch 11 (in 12th chain)

The rest of the stitches work out correctly also. I’m just following the way it’s taught by the experts from Coats & Clark.

[COLOR="#300080"]:doh: :doh: :doh:

You are most certainly right and I am wrong, wrong, wrong.

Well, I guess it is now in writing too. :oops: [/COLOR]

I’m sorry I was right! :doh:
Isn’t that weird? I just hate it when someone else is wrong, and I am right. I would make an awful competitor, wouldn’t I?

If you want, I can delete our posts, and no one will ever know you were wrong. :hug:

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I feel sooo happy, I’ve no idea how to crochet, thanks for the chart!!
:woot: :woohoo: :yay: :cheering: I feel like I’m in heaven.
:balloons: :sun:

Thanks for the chart!:hug: Now I know “why” my ending rows never “match up” I am not constistanly “skipping sts”…on the next (beg) working rows…:muah:

That is a good idea, learned from youtube