Teaching Knitting

I was reading with interest the post about teaching knitting to 3rd- 6th graders. I am wondering if anyone out there has taught knitting to groups of children and if so, I’d love details. What ages did you work with? How many kids? How many experienced knitters were helping?

I wonder because I taught my 3rd grader, but we were one-on-one and I watched her like a hawk for the first couple of days. I’d love to teach knitting, but don’t want to wind up with frustrated, teary little kids - or a frustrated, teary ME.
:slight_smile: kimmie

I taught several 5th and 6th graders to knit last school year, and this year I taught more 6th-8th graders. On occasion it was me and 2 or 3 students, but I helped out the art teacher teach her entire art club how to knit; 30+ students between us! This was when all the art teacher and I knew how to do was CO, K, P, and BO, so as for experience we didn’t have too much. We just taught the kids the knit stitch. The HARDEST PART was teaching them to cast on. i made them used varigated yarn, which helped them see their mistakes better. it was fun!!

Thanks for the info Hilde. That is very encouraging!