Teaching first class

I am teaching my first “class” tomorrow. Started off me and 2 others, now I have SEVEN people coming.

I will have 2 other adult helpers, plus my 7 and 9 yo helping. (They however don’t know how to purl yet)

My first bit is to teach CO via long tail method

then we are going to knit for a bit, then purl for a bit…

their “job” for this week is to just knit/purl through the ball I give them.

Next week I am going to go through the 2 needle mitten pattern I have.

My plan is to put 2 non-knitters between a knitter. I will have one conti teacher as well.

I am supplying the yarn (freecycle deal)…they are supplying all the non-consumables.

My question is THIS…what kinds of things do I need to have on “paper”. I was going to of COURSE put this website…but what ELSE do I need to do? say? and such…

I would try to have hand-outs of everything you teach–especially good pictures of how to cast on–that’s one that gets forgotten since it’s only done once in a project.

Of course, pics of the stitches you teach, too, as well as bind off instructions if they want to venture out on their own.

Links are great, but not everyone has/likes computers.

I think a sheet that’s got basic knitting terms and abbreviations is helpful, to have for when they want to progress to following a pattern.

I agree about teaching CO, that most folks forget until they’ve done it a bunch. I think that’s one thing it can’t hurt to have them do every class, just for practice, to help them get it ingrained!

Have fun teaching, Heather!!

THANKS guys!!! I really am not stressing tooooo much about this…it’s all friends except one person. I just hope I don’t have “too many cooks”…lol…

Ok, I have my pattern all modified…could I have a new knitter and an experienced knitter help me by testing it out.

PM me, and I"ll get you the pattern. :slight_smile: THANKS a bunch. I’ll need your notes to me by say…Saturday? This takes about 45 mins to make up not really thinking of it.

You’ll need a crochet hook. I"m not too worried about guage at this point, just if the pattern “works” as I changed it. THANKS if you can help me :slight_smile: