Teaching a child to knit

my 4 year old is very interested in knitting. (he is an advanced 4 year old… very good dexterity)

I tried to get him to finger knit, but he says its not the same as he is not using the needles…

any suggestions for teaching him to knit?

his hands are too small for big needles, which is what many sites suggest… i am thinking getting him a set of size 10 needles so its big enough to see, but not too big for his hands.

I think 10 would be perfect. Large enough to hang onto and not break, but small enough to give stitches some definition with out being lace. Find some worsted or Aran weight yarn in a light solid color which is best for learning.

I would also recommend using SHORT needles with him. Sometimes it helps to do the cast-on for them, just to get them started with the actual “KNITTING” part of it.

If you think it would help, there’s a dvd called “The Art of Knitting 4 Kids” that has a 6 year old boy doing the teaching. I’ve gotten this out of our local library.

hth, knitcindy

i was debating using a circular needle with a long cable, just so the needles themselves were small.

…unless someone can recommend a brand of needle that is short. all of my straight needles are too long for him.

I’ve noticed some cheap plastic knitting needles at our local “department store” that are maybe about 6.5-7 inches long. Perhaps look for them in stores that carry surplus items.

:shrug: It might be worth a try!

I think circs sound like a great way to go. Having my needles “on a leash” is one reason I use circs for flat knitting. Needles will get dropped and I think eliminating the need to run one down would be helpful to any new kinitter, no matter how young or old they are. This is one time I think the Denise needles would be a good choice. They aren’t as pointy as some so are less “lethal” and being made of whatever it is they’re made of they aren’t as subject to bending or breaking. No, I’m not saying this so you’ll want to buy the set I have and don’t use, but I do know a number of others here have indicated they don’t use theirs either. They’re available through this site too. Whatever needles you end up using I think that having someone this young learning to knit is fabulous. I wish you both the all the very best from this experience.

I taught my niece how to knit around that age all I had with me were my dpns so I put tape around the bottom so her stitches would not fall off and we used worsted wieght they were just the right size for her and we had a ball

Last time I was at my local Walmart, they had a pair of VERY short knitting needles with a square “how to knit” type book. I’m guessing the metal needles were about 5-6 inches long. You could use something like that.

Also, at Cracker Barrel restaurant they have a Knitting Kit that includes a pair of kids size needles and 2-3 skeins of yarn. Any kind of “kids knitting kit” would probably have some shorter needles.

Just a thought,

wow I wish anyone would have wanted to teach me that young.
If you or your knitting friends, have needles let him learn with you and your friends, change needle size, he will find the size he likes.
No. 4 yarn will also let him see the sts as he is doing them. yes I like circlurs too. it might keep him from getting upset and not lose sts. but dropping sts, is learning, to pick them up. You go tiger. learn, ask questions, there are tricks to knitting.:grphug:

Please let this young gentleman know how very proud of him I am, learning a new skill like knitting is a very grown up thing to do.

Here are some :balloons: for him!

As much as i hate wood needles, i think i am going to get him some nice grippy bamboo circs

I am very proud of him as well.

My aunt taught me to knit at 15 and i wish i had learned younger!