Tea Cosy et al

I’m well into the second side of the tea cosy I’m knitting. I got a lot done when dh and I took his brother in our motorhome to his new home in County Galway - a 3-4 hour journey - but I haven’t had much opportunity to work on it since.

I finished the doll’s jumper, which fits like a dress, but I forgot to take a picture before donating and it was put in a Christmas shoe box, so doll and jumper are on their way to a needy child.

I have a couple of dish cloths on the go and started on another pattern from my childhood pattern booklet - this time a doll’s cardigan, which is part of a set.



You are a.busy knitter. It’s such a kind idea to donate dolls with knit outfits to needy children. Thank you for doing that. I hope we get to see the finished tea cozy!

I have a friend who has put shoe boxes together for several years now, but this was her last year to do it. She often has dolls donated and asks me to clothe them, if they’re not already clothed. I love to think that some little disadvantaged person will receive the doll and love it.


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