I am making a scarf and I was wondering how you would make those tassels on the bottom? I’m not sure if there is another topic on this somewhere and I just can’t find it. If so sorry, if I’ve double posted. :XX:

No apologies, please. :wink:

Tassels are pretty easy. Cut yarn to double the length you want. You can do this easily by wrapping the yarn around a piece of cardboard or something that’s the right length and then cutting at the ends. Take the number of strands you want for each tassle, fold them in half. Use a crochet hook to pull the fold the tassel yarn partway through the hole where you want it. Then reach through the loop formed, grab the rest of the yarn and pull it through. Ta da!

You are just too quick on the draw for me, Ingrid! :lol: Nice directions!

Thanks! Do you know any links online where there is a visual presentation on making tassels? I’m a visual learner… :oops:

Here ya go!

Hi! I also learn with visualizations, and I found it helpful when I saw theses pics:

Now I have a better understanding of what they are expecting! :smiley: But from the link above, I couldn’t find a video…maybe I missed it… :oops:

No video–just pics. I learned to knit in the Time Before Video, so ‘visual’ to me includes written directions! I’m glad you ‘got it’. :wink:

I have question:

Couldn’t you apply a single knot fringe and use that a tassle? Or was that what they were asking in the first place…

I found this illustration that helped alot.