Target $1 Yarn.. what to make?

I have this yellow yarn that is soooo soft and fuzzy. I have 3 balls at 90 yards each. What should I make? I currently only have straight needles, so give me some ideas!

The brown yarn is for a scarf for my grandma. She’s moving to Tennessee. :crying: It’s 2 balls of 90 yards each. What scarf pattern should I use? IDEAS people! IDEAS! Chop chop!

Ooh, I keep meaning to check out Target for this!

Hmm, there are so many scarves it’s hard to say. Are the brown ones two different kinds of yarn, or are they the same? Hard to tell in the picture. Here’s a ton:

I know, doesn’t narrow it down much!

The yellow could be a purse or something! Like this maybe?

Thanks for the scarf link! I have that site in my favorites but I always forget about it for some reason.

The brown yarns and 2 different colors, yes. I want to do that triangle scarf or something with hearts… or something. It’s for my grandma! It must be cute! :heart:

That’s enough yarn for this scarf, I think. Cool unless you aren’t crazy about flowery things. :wink:

gag I’m going to try I think… I’m thinking of hearts for the one for my grandma… hmmm…

wait a minute…there’s yarn for sale at Traget for $1??? :shock:

At our Taget they only have the really thin yarn. I’m gona have to have a chat with the manager here and see if we can get in some of that cute stuff.

But the darn yarn balls are SO small . . . but there’s a good selection in Fayetteville, GA.

They have cute packaged needles and crochet hooks, too.

Could make a cute starter set for young’un.

It depends on the yarn. These were 90 yards for this particular yarn, and that’s not that bad. I was paying $4.80 for 52 yards of yarn for the project I just finished… youch! That would bwe Bernet Disco yarn if you were curious.

we have this yarn at our Targets. very cute… one of my gf’s at work bought some of the fuzzy kind and the trellis kind and needles and has announced i am to show her how to knit. the wooden needles are verrrry hard to use, not bamboo and the tips are not rounded or pointy for that matter, their pointed to a flat end almost like it was run for a pencil sharpener. i told her to smooth it a bit with sandpaper as the guage wont matter for a scarf. i think she should get some of the more “normal” yarn to the stitch part down. the little books they sell have some cute projects and heck, it’s all a steal if for newbies or even those of us needing a fix if we didn’t bring something along to do… as if! :thumbsup:

Helen/poetangel922 from knitty ( sent me the pattern book and 4 balls of this eyelash stuff - so soft and wow — $1 - as part of a RAK gift, and even though I’m a crazy yarn snob, I loved this set!

A buck!

What a fabulous way to introduce knitting to the masses!