Tapestry needle size?

Does anyone know what tapestry needle size I should get for seaming? I’m using KnitPick’s Wool of the Andes right now (which I believe is worsted weight), but I sort of want a “versatile” needle that could also accomadate for things a bit larger or a bit smaller too.

The main thing is to have the hole big enough for the yarn. You can usually find a set of two, I think by Susan Bates, in a package at most stores that sell knitting stuff.

I :heart: Chibi. I think the name of the compnayis Chibi or something cuz its written on the side of the holder. It is a tapestry needle with a little bend in the tip so you really get in there under the stiches. Its specially make for knitters. You can get it at a LYS (Not Target type stores) or catalogs like patternworks or yarn.com. I’ve had my Chibi for years and they are the best!

feministmama, I :heart: Chibi too, the bent tips definitely make life easier. They’re made by Clover (at least now they are - don’t know whether they always were). Mine came in a cute little case, so they never get lost.