Tangled wool

I’ve just started knitting a few months ago, and have knitted about seven scarves. The last two, however, my wool got hopelessly tangles. Am I supposed to roll the wool into a ball before knitting? If so, why do some skeins get tangled and others not? Thank you

There are a lot of variables with yarn I have found. If you buy it in a traditional skein, you will need to ball it. If it comes in a pullskein, you are usually fine. I find that some pullskeins just will not cooperate though, and I’ve been known to start balling it up from the other end to try and “fix” it. Someone else here will definitely have other ideas too.

I always roll my yarn into a center pull ball before I start using it. It takes a few tries to do it just right by hand, but it makes it SO much easier… the ball doens’t jump around, and I can take care of tangles as I come to them, instead of having a huge mess and having to cut the yarn.

If the yarn you are using comes in a big fatty hank, and you don’t have a swift, it gets kind of tricky. the first step is the hardest:
Find a cat-free bedroom with a closing door and a nearly made bed.

then, i undo the strands that hold the hank together, hold the hank in one hand, and start flinging the yarn with the other hand, SLOWLY, in long straight lines on the bed, twisting the hand with the hank in it so as to prevent tangles and let the yarn fall free WITHOUT PULLING (that’s important). Once the yarn is all flung on the bed, I wind it onto a ball. Next time I do this I’ll try to take pictures, since my description makes it sound like i’m dancing around my room throwing yarn around… but seriously, since I started doing it in the bedroom* I haven’t had any tangle problems.

Amy’s video for winding a center-pull ball is on this page close to the bottom.

[size=2]*not THAT, KK![/size]

If you have someone around with two hands available, you can have them put their hands in the hank and you roll it off there. Some people put it on the back of a chair, too.