Tangled mess

I ordered some yarn from the internet, and it came as a big, ugly hank. I don’t own a swift or ball winder, and I would feel bad about asking to use the equipment at the yarn shop across town, since I didn’t buy the yarn there. So, I tried finding instructions on how to wind the ball myself, by hand. I cut the ties holding the hank together, laid it out neatly on my bed, and started unraveling from one end. This is what hapened after about, oh, say, 4 ft of yarn:

Any suggestions?

Why does yarn come as anything BUT center-pull balls, anyway?

The more I attempt to untangle it, the more yarn just comes off the hank and becomes tangled as well.

If you don’t have a swift, you have to have someone else hold the loop between their hands, or put it around your own feet, or at least hang it over the back of a chair before winding. If it is just laying flat it will get tangled. That’s the nasty characteristic of hanks of yarn. I hope you’re able to get it untangled. That’s some beautiful yarn! What is it??

It’s that lovely Malabrigo that y’all’re always raving about on here. The instructions I found were misleading, then. They said I just had to have it laying neatly on the floor (I put it on my bed). This stuff is not going down without a fight.

Hmmm, that back of a chair thing is proving to be helpful while untangling… thanks!

I found that even with a swift and winder, the Malabrigo I recently wound was not as easily cooperative as other yarns. It does tend to stick to itself.


It does it does…it seems it is a somewhat slower process because of the stickiness…but it is worrrrrth it! :muah:


Thanks for the chair tip, that did the trick. I now have a nice, tame ball of the soft, fluffy, sticky stuff.

:cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Watcha making with it?

Is that color “Hollyhock”? Soooo purty!

Yes, that’s hollyhock. It’s going to be a scarf for my grandma, who’s busy turning out a scarf a day for all her family but hasn’t made one for herself yet. ha! I got another skein in “dark earth” for a ribbed hat.

Oh I feel for you. My first hank looked similar to yours maybe slightly worse.
I am so pleased you untangled it.

I came here for the same problem a twisted messed up hank :roflhard:

:hug: Sharon

I sit down and use my knees and this method seems to work, although I’ve never used malabrigo so I don’t know if it would with that.

Nadja xxx

Is this yarn truly “sticky”? It certainly is pretty…

no it isn’t sticky, really. I think it probably sort of sticks together in the dying process maybe? it really is super soft and yummy…i don’t think i have a good way of explaining it. it doesn’t feeeeel sticky…it just sticks to itself when you are trying to wind it.

(not sure that makes sense at all.)

oh and i don’t think seems to be all hanks either, oddly enough.

Sticky in the usual sense, NO!!! It’s fluffy, and the fine hairs want to cling to each other, that’s all.

My 9 hanks of nature’s wool did the same thing. The bits of wool just grip to each other. I’m currently out of town, but brought my yarn winder. The only problem is that the one place I could get the winder to attach was the leg of the chair. The sides of the tables in the hotel room curve down- didn’t hold well. I laid the chair on it’s back on the ground, and I put the hank wrapped around opposite legs (diagonally) and then put the yarn winder on one of the other legs. It was a very very tedious process-- most of an evening-- but it looks so gorgeous all wound up!!


Truthfully? It feels like god’s freshly shaven legs.

Truthfully? It feels like god’s freshly shaven legs.[/quote]

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: