Talk me down

Ok so this weekend I I won $215 at my HUGE family reunion in the 50/50 raffle then today my boss gave me a $300 bonus.

We are going to WY this summer in August to visit my IL’s. We are going to rent a car and that pretty pays for it…again cool…

So why do my fingers keep going to knitpicks and ALMOST checking out my shopping cart which includes the new Options.

AND…last night I bought some Wick and Cotton fleece for upcoming projects AND a pair of Addi’s from Jeff.

Why isn’t this enough???

I want MORE!

I have no willpower. I bought shoes at around 2am on Monday morning - they arrived by courier at 9am (7 hours later). I can’t talk you down - I’m the devil in disguise I’d say go for it :wink:

I can’t help either…I’ve been on a shopping spree for the last week and I need to stop but now, of course, dh needs new shoes and shorts for the summer. (not according to him, of course…)

Uhm… I just want to congratulate you on your new stash … :slight_smile:

I know…I know!!!

I really do think I will buy some Malabrigo. My husband knew too…the minute my raffle ticket was called. He leaned over to my sister and said “Thank GOD the yarn store is already closed”

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I know how you feel! While he’s deployed, dh makes several hundred more dollars each payday. When I see the deposit is in our account it’s all I can do to transfer it over to our vacation fund. I keep seeing yarn, needles, more yarn, oh and more yarn! :wink:

Isn’t it funny how once you’re hooked, money=knitting swag? Or lack thereof? I just found out that my car needs a new transmission…we’re talking most likely around $1500-ish worth of work…and my first thought was, man, I could buy a LOT of yarn with $1500. :crying:

well don’t forget you need to leave your swap partner something to get you in July! I have heard she is starting to panic that there won’t be any yarn left by then! :rofling:

(yeah i never understand not shopping for presents for myself before christmas either! :rofling: )

Oh I still have PLENTY of room for yarn…the kids really don’t NEED all those clothes!! I’ll just use THEIR closet :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

lol well sure and it will give you more things to knit if you get rid of all their clothes! :rofling:

I’m not going to be of any help…I bought the KP needles last week, and when I got the Elann newsletter I bought 10 balls of yarn…I’m hopelessly addicted :rollseyes:

What are you going to make with the Wick? I’ve always wanted to try that yarn.

Congrats on all the surprise income!! :cheering: How exciting!
DH and I got some moola for our anniversary and he split it right down the middle and said I’m getting such and such…what are you getting? I wanted to be like, hello!! We’re celebrating our 1st anniversary already, don’t you know me by now?! YARN!!! I’m thinking it’s just enough for the yarn for my Green Gable and for the Hourglass Sweater my mom is begging for! Woo hoo!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I find myself doing the same thing. I think someone, like Bill Gates, should fund a foundation for us shoppping victims so we don’t wreck our bank book.

I’m making the short snort for my DD.

It’s GREAT you got all this extra money, and I hope you enjoy spending it on whatEVER you spend it on! I see YARN whenever we have any extra–and I am always looking online for yarn—lucky I don’t have an LYS!!!

And it doesn’t help me at all to look on the forum everydday and hear about MALABRIGO and WICK and BAMBOO and NORO, etc!! I really can’t afford to try all these yarns! :crying: