Talk about a Man in shining armour

This husband sure LOVES his wife. He is brave and she is brave herself. If this happened to me. I would have passed out from sheer fear.

Australian man fights crocodile to save wife

Wow! I want a man who will fight a dangerous wild beast for me. I will tell my daughter not to settle for anything else. Oh, wait, though. I guess that has to work both ways???

What a guy! :thumbsup:

Wow…I would hope my dh would do the same. I THINK he would. I can’t imagine him just watching as a crocodile dragged me under.

The other night, we heard a loud crash INSIDE our apartment. He ROLLED out of bed, landing on his feet, and then crept around the corner to the bathroom to see what it was. It was interesting to see how the instincts kick in, ya know?

It was just our shower caddy falling and spilling all the bottles of shampoo and body wash, but it was nice to know he would be so protective if there was trouble. He’s such a deep sleeper, I thought I would have to wake him up if someone ever broke in!:teehee:

We’ve been married a long time, can’t count the number of times that he has jumped in to protect me from some thing or another. Our son, also.

Living in ‘foreign’ countries can ‘expand your horizons’ in many ways.

One night when I was very pregnant and not sleeping well, I got up to get a drink of water. Our bedroom was down the hall from the kitchen. My husband woke up and heard something then saw a light flash in the kitchen (the refrigerator light when I opened and closed it). He got out of bed and grabbed his big old Maglite (flashlight) and stood around the corner waiting to pounce on the “intruder.” I walked into the bedroom and about peed my pants. Luckily he realized it was me before attacking! Too bad he wasn’t concerned that I wasn’t lying in bed next to him when he heard the noise! You’d think he’d be more concerned about the intruder kidnapping me! Oh the silly things we do when we are half asleep!


It’s just a croc, what’s the big deal? Now if it had been something really dangerous like a pack of women at a 90% off yarn sale…

:roflhard: You got that right! :roflhard:

yea women fighting over yarn may be a bit more dangerous