Taking a break for awhile

I may have bitten off more than I can chew with the cowl project. I mean, 351 stitches in the round, and had to rip back to the beginning this morning. I am definitely questioning myself and my ability to accomplish this project and feeling pretty low right now. So, I think I will just take a break and concentrate on my gardening and wish you all a good summer. I will be back :cry:

Taking a break is a good idea and gardening is a wonderful change. I can’t wait to get back outside, too.
Don’t be discouraged. at one time or another, we all have that feeling of taking on more than we’re prepared for but that just means your stretching yourself. Trying new projects is all to the good. You’ll get back to the cowl or another project with a refreshed attitude and enjoy it all the more, I’m sure.


I’m sure you’re right. Thanks for the words of encouragement :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Max,
I know exactly the feeling and what salmonmac says is right on the money! The other thing that really helped me was giving myself permission to take on the new project with the proviso that it is totally okay to make mistakes. I just refuse to stress when I have done something “wrong” and simply try to figure out what went awry, then move on to the next row; I tell myself that nobody is going to be hurt by this boo-boo (except maybe my ego) and carry on. It is extremely freeing when you can get to that point.

All the very best,


Needing to take a break myself i have been working on so many projects that i caused myself to have a pinched nerve which runs from my neck to my fingers. It has come to the point where my fingers are numb

Maybe on a project where I don’t have such an intricate stitch pattern I’ll be able to do that. This is the insignia stitch, 12 rnds to complete a full stitch pattern, mess up once and it morphs into a messy looking bunch of nothing. That’s what happened the first time when I was using organic cotton and I was 34 rnds into that one when I ripped out.
But I think the break will do me good. Yesterday I spent 1-1/2 hours extending my side garden, an hour picking up twigs and sticks and💩
I felt a lot better! But the best was hearing from my knitting pals. You are the best! :innocent:

I am so sorry😟 I suffer from peripheral neuropathy and nerve pain is excruciating. I hope you are able to rest your hands and that you will be back to doing what you obviously love soon🙂

Having a break will refresh you and you will return to your project feeling full of confidence :slightly_smiling_face: We have all been there I know the feeling of being overwhelmed by a new project and having to undue the work and start again . When you have finished your project think of how proud you will be .
Please don’t give up . You can do it .

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I’m sorry you’re having troubles. Some projects are like that. When you decide to try again consider using a lifeline in your work so you don’t have to rip back all the way with so many stitches and detail in the pattern that makes it hard to rip back. When I had a complicated shawl pattern I put in (or moved) the lifeline every 10 rows or so. It does take time, but it’s absolutely worth it!


What a wonderful idea, and I could even run it thru the middle of each stitch to keep from losing any as I get back to that row, [ which is what happened! I lost a stitch and could not find it again ]. When I feel ready to pick up the needles again, I will use the lifeline method. That’s going to help a lot. Thank you for this :heart_eyes:

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Thanks to those that wished me well. As far as the lifeline goes i use it all the time when I have a pattern that takes my complete attention. If helps when you havr rip your work

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Hey, take heart. I’ve been knitting for more years than you’ve been alive probably and I STILL have to rip out and/or drop a stitch sometimes. It happens. Just don’t give up. And remember, no one ever became a good knitter by not knitting.

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I haven’t knit for 37 years, but thanks for the encouragement :slightly_smiling_face:. The insignia stitch is really difficult for me. 2 days after I sent that email, I tried it again. I got to row 7 and had to rip back 4 times only to discover I had twisted the whole thing somehow and ripped back to the beginning. The good thing is, I’m not despondent any more and I will knit this thing. I don’t know when that will be, but if I’m still living, I’ll let everyone know. :angry: (I hope this is the determined face)
Salmon Mac, if you’re reading, I’m stretching !

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Well done, Max!

Don,t feel too bad I am taking a break right now too. I will go back and hopefully have learned something new.

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I know the feeling! I’ve had several projects, especially toques and bobble hats where I have pulled out and started again. The worst was one of my own design where I wasn’t happy with the finished product and started again. Turned out OK in the end. :blush:

To all my knitting buds who gave me back faith in myself and let me know I’m not alone😍

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Just thinking about you. Is your nerve pain better? Are you able to knit again?

Need to go see my doctor for some medication. I can in short periods of about 15 minutes at a time. I miss it. Thanks so much for asking.

Just don’t push it. Let the medicine do the work and before y know it you will be knitting again but maybe not so many projects all at once😉